Kid Cudi Reflects on Pressures of Fame in New Documentary Trailer: 'I Felt Like a Fraud'

A Man Named Scott hits Amazon Prime Video on Nov. 5

Kid Cudi is giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at his rise to fame and its subsequent effects on his mental health in a new documentary.

The rapper, 37, became a cult hero in 2009 with the release of his debut album Man on the Moon: The End of Day, which featured groundbreaking lyrics focused on Cudi's depression, anxiety and loneliness.

In A Man Named Scott, out on Amazon Prime Video on Nov. 5, the musician (whose real name is Scott Mescudi) offers fans a glimpse into his psyche as he learns to live with sudden fame and the pressures of being idolized by millions.

According to a description from Amazon, the film "explores Cudi's journey over a decade of creative choices, struggles and breakthroughs, making music that continues to move and empower his millions of fans around the world."

"Creating something new and helping people, it's always been an escape for me, and it's freeing," he says in a trailer for the movie. "Everything I make has to help people in some way."

Kid Cudi
Kid Cudi. Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Cudi, who has released a total of eight studio albums, is widely admired by fans who say his frank discussion of his mental health struggles helped them cope with their own; Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson said earlier this year that he believes he "wouldn't be here" had Man on the Moon not been released.

Still, the rapper's mission of helping others through music often took a personal toll, with Cudi saying in the clip that he "just had a hard time dealing with the adjustments from being Scott to being Kid Cudi."

"People look up to me, but I'm not a happy person. I felt like a fraud. That's what drove me to escape from reality," he says. "I sacrificed the privacy of my life and put my story out there to help others. That's always been my mission. I'm not done yet."

After checking into rehab to seek treatment for depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts in 2016, Cudi told Billboard two years later that he has since found peace.

"I have so much joy that I don't feel like I'm fighting anymore," he said. "It was this year, around my birthday [in late January]. I'm the best I've ever been in my life. I realized I was genuinely happy, and there's nothing really going on in particular… Creating is making me happy again."

A Man Named Scott, directed by Robert Alexander, is out on Amazon Prime Video Nov. 5.

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