"I want someone I can call my best friend and somebody that will not allow anything to come between what we have," Keyshia Cole says of her dream man

By Nicole Sands
January 30, 2017 06:26 PM

Keyshia Cole knows her prince charming is out there somewhere.

With a busy life focused on making music and raising her 6-year-old son Daniel Jr., the R&B singer is ready to find her best friend for life.

When discussing the top qualities she looks for in a man, Cole tells PEOPLE that honesty is everything. “I’ve been praying to be able to tell what’s in someone’s spirit and to know if they’re telling the truth or being fake about everything,” she reveals.

“I want someone I can call my best friend; somebody that will not allow anything to come between what we have going on and just love me for me.”

And, most importantly: “Be upfront and honest about things.”

Cole was previously married to former Cleveland Cavaliers guard Daniel Gibson, but split in 2014 after she caught him cheating with friend and rapper, Diamond.

“If I could have a guy—somebody I could picture being with for the rest of my life—they would be like a girl friend, but a guy friend,” she adds of her dream man. “When I think about being hurt, I think about how my homegirls would not do certain things to me. I hope my guy would be the same and love me genuinely.”

Cole’s new single “You,” featuring French Montana and Remy Ma, stemmed from her relationship drama, and how she’s “just done with it.”

“I’m not gonna keep taking that. It’s over, and I’m not gonna keep allowing the same person to do the same things over and over again,” Cole says of the inspiration behind her latest track. “It’s empowering.”

The “Let it Go”singer’s seventh album, which is slated for release later this year, also features Young Thug, DJ Khaled, Kamaiyah and Tyga.

“Tyga and I just wrote a song together called ‘Ride,'” she says. “Him and Kylie [Jenner] are family. They’re cool, so we see each other all the time.”

Cole says her upcoming full-length saw her partner with a number of artists who are “like family.”

“I was able to work with a bunch of people that I love hanging with and love genuinely, so it’s been an awesome project.”