"Here's to 100 more baby. I love you," Kevin Jonas wrote

Kevin Jonas is honoring his wife of 11 years on their wedding anniversary.

On Saturday, the Jonas Brothers member, 33, posted a sweet tribute to his wife Danielle, 34, on Instagram, reflecting on the moment that the two met over a decade ago.

In the picture, the pair is seen standing by a set of payphones both pretending to be on a call next to one another. "I'm so happy you had to make that call 11 years ago," Kevin wrote. "This is the spot we met and I thank God everyday for the gift he gave me."

"Here's to 100 more baby. I love you," he concluded the post.

The couple shares daughters Alena, 6, and Valentina, 4.

Kevin also gave his followers a glimpse into his at-home anniversary celebration by sharing clips of his romantic set up on his Instagram Stories.

The "Sucker" musician revealed that he had decorated his home with lots of candles, balloons and string lights. He also created a soft area of blankets and pillows on the floor with a canopy draped over top for the two to relax together.

The star even included a tray of movie theater popcorn buckets positioned in front of a large TV that played a video of a fireplace.

Kevin Jonas birthday
Credit: Kevin Jonas/Instagram
Kevin Jonas birthday
Credit: Kevin Jonas/Instagram
Kevin Jonas birthday
Credit: Kevin Jonas/Instagram

Danielle also paid tribute to Kevin with a sweet post on Instagram in which she called her husband her "other half."

"Happy 11th Anniversary !! I love that when I look at you I am home," she wrote alongside a photo of the two snuggled up to one another.

"I hate to be without you bc when I am with you I feel complete," she continued. "You are my other half and I love you! #bestteam #forever #iwillalwaysloveyou."

The father of two left a heart-eye emoji in the comments of the affectionate post.

For the couple's 10th wedding anniversary, Kevin posted a social media tribute in which he expressed both his deep love for Danielle and his excitement for their future.

“It is traditional for a husband to forget the anniversary of his marriage and how many years he’s been married,” he began. “As you can tell today, that is not the case here. I remember the date we met May 23rd. The date we got engaged July 2nd, And of course the date we were married December 19th.”

The pop star went on to explain the importance of the momentous milestones he and his wife have shared together over the years.

“I remember these not because I’m good with numbers. (I’m a musician, after all.) I remember them because they are the three most important days of my life,” he continued. “I guess not counting my birthday, since if I wasn’t born, I never would have met Dani. My wife of 10 years. My best friend of 12 years. The love of my life.”

“I can not explain how amazing it is to look back on our journey together and to see how much we have grown together!” Kevin added.

He concluded his tribute by writing, “You help me see my true potential in all things. You make me better, stronger, and show me what love is every day. So what I will say to my best friend, mother of my children, and forever love. This is just the beginning, we haven’t even started our journey and I can not wait for the next 10 and then the next. I love you to the moon and back.”