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March 14, 2017 03:55 PM

When Kevin and Michael Bacon aren’t making films or composing for film and television, the brothers can be found making music with their six-piece band, The Bacon Brothers, formed more than 20 years. On Sunday, they traded entertainment for cycling, participating in fundraising for a cause near to them: beating cancer.

“I don’t think there’s really anybody that isn’t somehow connected to somebody who’s been touched by cancer. It’s sort of a no brainer to come here,” the Footloose star, 58, shared with PEOPLE as he sat next to his brother, a cancer survivor treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the beneficiary of Cycle for Survival‘s fundraising.

Citing that 100 percent of proceeds fund rare cancer research, Michael put it simply: “It’s a very easy thing to support.”

Cycle for Survival/AP Images

Partly influenced by rock group The Band, The Bacon Brothers make folk-rock-soul-country music, which they have shortened into “forosoco.” Growing up, the brothers say their parents loved playing classic music and show tunes in their house, though their dad was “tone deaf,” according to Kevin.

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“We share a lot of experiences, going to places like Arkansas or things we would never do normally, but the band leads us there,” Michael shares about touring with his brother. “I think it’s revealing to see the way each of us present ourselves on stage, which is very different.”

The tight-knit brothers share that their four sisters round out the family affair, supporting their band’s gigs “all the time.”

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In terms of cycling skills, the brothers say they differ. While Michael recalls he was a top road racer in Tennessee, Kevin quips, “I had a tricycle. I was excellent on it.”

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