Kesha's Decade-Old Song 'Cannibal' Gets Second Life on TikTok — and She's Joining in the Trend!

The song comes from her 2010 album, which also included hits like "Blow" and "We R Who We R"

A decade after she made waves with “Tik Tok” the song, Kesha is witnessing a resurgence of an early-career banger — thanks to TikTok the app.

Much like the trendy social media platform has become known to do for underrated hits, the 33-year-old singer’s song “Cannibal” has caught on among TikTok users. Fans show off a viral dance routine matched to a sampling of the song, sharing it with friends and challenging followers to learn the moves as well.

The song “Cannibal” comes from the singer’s 2010 album of the same name, a collection of pop tracks that also included hits like “Blow” and “We R Who We R.”

With lyrics like “Carnivore, animal, I am a cannibal / I eat boys up / You better run,” the single is unabashedly of the Ke$ha era (note the since-redacted dollar-sign stage name).

Taking notice of the 10-year-old song’s second life, Kesha — who released her fourth studio album High Road earlier this year — released a brand-new lyric music video for “Cannibal” on Tuesday, offering updated visuals for anyone just now discovering the tune.

And, of course, she’s getting in on the viral TikTok game too. Last Wednesday, the Grammy-nominated performer sashayed for her very own TikTok clip, which she shared on Twitter.

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In January, Kesha told PEOPLE all about her new sound, which sees a return to pop-y form for the hitmaker — who added that she’s ready to be “people’s guilty pleasure or whatever you want to call it, to make people feel good.”

“I really, truly, so unapologetically f—ing love pop music,” she said. “I didn’t want to keep myself from making something that makes me so happy. It makes me happy to make it, it makes me happy to see my fans dance to it and have people go off at the shows.”

She added: “So why keep myself from something that brings me joy and then in turn brings other people joy? I just want to bring happiness and a little bit of escapism to the world right now….”

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