The rapper made a return to his native Compton


Kendrick Lamar received a hero’s welcome on Thursday when he visited his native Compton, California to sign copies of his new album, Damn.

The rapper was greeted by thousands of fans who lined up outside of a Best Buy to meet the “Humble” mastermind. He announced the signing on Twiiter, writing, “COMPTON.”

He didn’t have to worry about whether fans would show up or not. The line led outside of the Best Buy building, and wrapped around the parking lot, according to ABC 7. The outlet reported more than 3,000 people attended.

His album has made waves across the music industry, and rumors of more music have been circulating. Lamar, 29, told one fan at the signing that he’s “gonna continue to bang this, I got some more music.”

Lamar dropped his latest visual piece “Humble” at the end of March, promoting a celebration of natural beauty with his body-positive message. In it, he vocalized his distaste for retouched images and further emphasized his point when he admired a woman who proudly displayed her stretch marks.

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Fans from Compton told ABC 7 that Lamar’s music have helped them through tough times, including Mayor Aja Brown, who spoke on the rapper’s contribution to their community.

“He’s very, very impactful in a way that he wants to help grow his community and to really be present,” she told the news station. “He’s not a fly-by-night and he loves his community. He definitely puts his money where his mouth is and most importantly, he brings his time and his presence.”

One fan spoke to ABC 7 and said waiting in line for hours to meet a fellow Compton native was “worth it.”

“He’s from the same place I’m from, he went through the same struggle,” the fan said. “He made it out. I’m here to support him through everything.”