The singer has partnered with Dove for "Crown," an inspiring new song and video to help young girls love their hair no matter what it looks like


A resounding “Yaaass Queen” is in order!

Kelly Rowland, in partnership with Dove, just released an inspiring new track titled “Crown” that’s all about loving your locks no matter what. The accompanying video shows off a group of young girls shutting down bullies, embracing their beauty and rocking out alongside the Destiny’s Child alum.

Speaking to PEOPLE about the video and her inspiration behind the song, Rowland, 37, says the lyrics “My hair, my crown” comes from “having love for your hair. Gaining the confidence to be able to wear it however you please, or to cut it however you please, have your texture however you please.”

Rowland’s billowing curls are on full display in the video alongside girls like Tyrielle Davis and Faith Fennidy, who made headlines when they were ordered to leave school due to having braids or extensions in their hair. “I was pissed, to be honest,” says Rowland of hearing the girls’ stories.

“It’s enough stuff that young people have to go through, and for you to basically be bullying them, a school to be bullying them and telling them what they should look like or how they should wear their hair. You are out of place. You are not their parents.”

Kelly Rowland
| Credit: Dove

Rowland still recalls her own hair struggles as a kid. “My earliest memory of hair was actually with my mother. She permed it at 5,” says Rowland. “I remember all my hair fell out when they were rinsing it out and my mom let my cousin, who was in cosmetology school, do it.”

She continues, “I remember looking at my hair in the sink and thinking ‘Oh my gosh, why did she want to straighten it?’ My mom didn’t know, but the seeds [of insecurity] started to be planted there.”

Rowland, now mom to son Titan, 4, with husband Tim Weatherspoon, is determined not to make similar mistakes of the last generation.

“With my son, he just gets his hair braided. We tell him how cool he is, how cool the braids are. It’s just this thing where we are our children’s first example. I take that responsibility very seriously.”

Kelly Rowland
| Credit: Dove

It’s also why Rowland herself made the decision to rock her natural hair. “My nieces and my son are looking at me. That’s it, that was the whole reason I wanted to go natural. I wanted them to see natural hair on me every and anywhere that I went. Whether it was on TV, wherever it was, I thought that was important.”

And her regimen is fairly simple. “It’s a weekly wash. I wash it once, and then co-wash it the next two or three times. Deep condition every two weeks. Especially with how much I experience with traveling and heat.” After that, “I let it rock.”

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Destiny’s Child
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All that said, Rowland can still laugh at her former hair woes. One time she, Beyoncé and other members of Destiny’s Child faced a major hair emergency together.

“We had just got our hair done and it was raining, and it was all bad. It was a whole bunch of us and not enough umbrellas,” she says. “We got on stage and our hair looked crazy. I had like a short poof.”