Kelly Clarkson Wants to Age 'the Ol Fashioned Way' Like Pink — but Draws the Line at Acrobatics

Kelly Clarkson and Pink performed together at the 2017 American Music Awards

Kelly Clarkson and Pink are saying “So What” to aging “the ol’ fashioned way!”

On Monday, the two vocal powerhouses had a Twitter exchange about aging in the spotlight.

“I’m fortunate because I’ve never really depended on my looks. I’ve decided that my talent and my individuality is far more important than my face,” Pink, 40, wrote on Twitter Sunday night. “So get on board cause I am about to AGE THE OL FASHIONED WAY (in a tutu ruling s— at 30 mph 100 ft in the air over 40) yasssssssss.”

On Monday, Clarkson, 37, quote tweeted the “Beautiful Trauma” singer, telling Pink she wholeheartedly agreed — minus one adrenaline-inducing detail.

Pink Kelly Clarkson

“I feel you …. except for, you know, the flying through the air thing ?,” Clarkson tweeted. “You know what, I’ll keep holding it down on the ground for us and you keep the air safe. I’ve always enjoyed teamwork ??‍♀️??.”

Clarkson has been open about her admiration for Pink over the years. Last year, Clarkson admitted to being a “huge Pink fan,” and on The Kelly Clarkson Show, she performed a rendition of the singer’s hit, “What About Us.”

Clarkson’s daytime talk show — where she covers a song during her Kellyoke segment each day — was recently renewed for a second season, ending Steve Harvey’s run on NBC.

“You’ve just got to keep going up the hall,” Harvey — whose new series Steve on Watch airs on Facebook Watch — previously said. “So I open other doors and I’m back on TV and I’m happy for everybody. I like Kelly Clarkson, I’m happy for her.”

As for Clarkson and Pink’s friendship, the two stars performed together at the 2017 American Music Awards, with Pink tweeting, “This woman has a direct line to outer space with that voice. I feel lucky to stand next to her when she sings. Tonight will be an honor for me.”

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