The Voice contestant Stephanie Rice explains the emotional backstory behind her powerful performance

Stephanie Rice not only impressed The Voice judges at her blind audition during the season 12 premiere Monday night — her rendition of Kelly Clarkson‘s “Piece by Piece” even got the original American Idol winner emotional.

After Blake Shelton said that the Houston native sang the song as if she wrote it herself, Rice explained that the message was very personal to her after coming out to her parents at 18 years old.

“My father is a pastor, and they disowned me,” Rice said, getting choked up. “And I’ve been taking that brokenness and emotion, I’ve been channeling it into the only form I knew how, which is through music.”

Clarkson took to Twitter to react to the powerful performance.

“Can’t. Stop. Crying,” the singer wrote. “Her vulnerability and her story ….just wow. Steph, I hope ur parents open their hearts 2 the beautiful person u r!”

Rice couldn’t believe that Clarkson had tweeted about her. On Tuesday, the singer shared a story about Clarkson’s reaction with the caption “If this is a dream, don’t wake me up.”

She also shared a message about her performance.

“If anyone was watching last night in need of healing, my true hope is that you received a message of hope and strength,” Rice wrote.

Rice ultimately decided to go to Team Gwen Stefani over the No Doubt singer’s boyfriend, who also wanted her on his squad. Her new coach also tweeted out her support.

“I love Stephanie so much!” Stefani wrote. “What a powerful performance – true artist & storyteller!”