"We must make voting an engaging tradition for all," Keke Palmer exclusively tells PEOPLE

Keke Palmer has an important message and she's singing it in her latest tune.

The star, 27, released her new song "Actually Vote" on Thursday urging Americans to submit their ballots in time for the 2020 presidential election — Election Day is Nov. 3.

"The last four years have been increasingly overwhelming for our nation," the actress tells PEOPLE. "It's created, I believe, a feeling of apathy that’s dangerous to our sense of democracy as a society."

She adds: "I think it's so important that we get a hold of what's ours and get excited about using our voices. So many of my peers and I have been made to feel like our voices are not valid. I know that's part of the game and I have fought to make myself aware that my voice does matter. All of our voices matter so significantly. I want my peers to know and understand."

keke palmer
Keke Palmer
| Credit: Keke Palmer/ Youtube

"We must make voting an engaging tradition for all [including] Black [people], women, LGBTQ+, our immigrants [and] everyone," says Palmer. "Together, we can make it trendy to vote and make each of our important voices heard."

Palmer pays homage to World War II icon Rosie the Riveter throughout the upbeat music video produced by Broad City’s Ilana Glazer for Generator Collective.

The song's lyrics are as meaningful as its title.

"There's a little something happening on Nov. 3 / Everybody's posting / All political and woken / On your social / So outspoken / That's sweet, but that tweet doesn't do enough for me," Palmer sings in her call to action tune.

Keke Palmer
Keke Palmer
| Credit: Keke Palmer/ Youtube

"Young people like to talk that big talk / Young people are the biggest voting block / You can only make a change if you check that damn box," she goes on passionately.

Palmer further sings: "Just show up and you're gonna be the GOAT (greatest of all time) if you actually vote / Don't just stand on the sideline /  Shoot your shot and beat the buzzer."

The video for the pop-country bop features guest stars Julianne Moore, Bella Thorne and Julia Louis-Dreyfus who appear supportive of the songstress and completely over "that clown politician running his mouth on my damn television."

Palmer reminds viewers of one more thing as the video closes: "At this point, don't mail [your ballot], drop it off or vote in person."