Kehlani Stopped Smoking Weed in 2018 Because It 'Messed with My Vocal Cords' and 'Took a Lot of Energy'

"I couldn't kick it without smoking weed and I just didn't want it to have that hold on my life anymore," Kehlani — who quit smoking in 2018 — said on TikTok

Kehlani. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Kehlani is speaking on why she no longer smokes marijuana.

After sharing a TikTok where the 26-year-old musician shared she's "ouid free" since 2018, the singer revealed why she decided to quit smoking marijuana.

"I used to smoke a lot of weed and now I speak on it in a past tense perspective. People think I'm s—ting on weed, I'm not! I loved weed when I was involved with it," she said in the TikTok. "It's a beautiful plant with very nice properties when used correctly. I don't think that I was using it correctly. I think I was overusing it. I wasn't the most productive pothead."

"It really really messed with my vocal cords and it really took a lot of energy from my day. I stopped to regulate my body and myself," she continued. "I got to a point where I couldn't eat, sleep or be at a social gathering. I couldn't kick it without smoking weed and I just didn't want it to have that hold on my life anymore."

"And also my throat and lungs were tired of me," she ended the video. "But I'm not judging the weed smokers! Get it, girl."

Earlier this year, Kehlani celebrated three years of having quit smoking. In a set of now-deleted tweets, Kehlani wrote that she "went to see a throat doctor and he told me I only had a few years left of singing."

"I never smoked one again. Call it scared straight. Cold turkey," she wrote then.

Then, Kehlani also said she wasn't here to "shame anyone's smoking decisions," adding that she doesn't miss smoking weed.

"s/o all the people that weed is doing beautiful things for I f—in love the plant and all its purposes and beautiful qualities," she added then. "smoke da weed don't let it smoke you."

Kehlani's new TikTok post opening up on why she decided to quit smoking comes a few days after she released her sexy R&B collab with Kiana Ledé "Ur Best Friend." She also released "Back Together" with Amorphous earlier this year.

Back in April, the singer opened up about raising her daughter Adeya, 2, surrounded by queer people.

"All my friends, all her aunties, uncles, her godparents, everybody is just loudly queer," said Kehlani, who uses she/they pronouns and identifies as queer, to The Advocate. "Our generation already kind of broke the mold of getting to that point, so I don't even think our kids are going to think about it as something that they have to identify and differentiate. I feel it should be normal."

"We'll be reading queer stories, queer books where the baby has two dads, two moms, two parents who don't identify as either. Movies that have that," they add. "She sees healthy queer couples. So, I don't think that she's going to even think about it as 'This is different from normal.' "

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