September 25, 2017 06:50 PM

Katy Perry is joining forces with her tour sponsor to let fans Witness her journey like never before.

Available now to Xfinity X1 customers, the cable provider’s new On-Demand Perry hub offers several hours of content, from peeks at rehearsals to the making of her music videos, from curated playlists to never-before-seen interviews. And with her new Witness tour in full swing, a camera crew embedded with the star is capturing more content for the digital destination, some of which EW and PEOPLE will exclusively preview in the coming weeks.

“It means a lot to me for all of my fans, no matter what their situation, to feel like they can come along for the ride,” Perry said in a statement. “I love that Xfinity X1 will be a place where I can give fans weekly glimpses into all the different facets of the tour — not just the work of it, but also the fun!”

She added: “It’s a real peek behind the curtain, and up close and personal access to me throughout the tour.”

The hub also includes content about Noah Cyrus, Purity Ring, and Carly Rae Jepsen, all of whom will take turns as Perry’s opening act.

Perry teases the fun in a new video spot for the project, which includes appearances from both Left Shark and an adorable puppy. Watch the video above, and check out the Witness tour itinerary below.

09/25/2017 WASHINGTON, DC
09/29/2017 BOSTON, MA
09/30/2017 BOSTON, MA
10/02/2017 NEW YORK, NY
10/06/2017 NEW YORK, NY
10/08/2017 NEWARK, NJ
10/09/2017 QUEBEC CITY, QC
10/11/2017 BROOKLYN, NY
10/16/2017 LOUISVILLE, KY
10/18/2017 NASHVILLE, TN
10/22/2017 ST. LOUIS, MO
10/24/2017 CHICAGO, IL
10/25/2017 CHICAGO, IL
10/27/2017 KANSAS CITY, MO
10/31/2017 TORONTO, ON
11/01/2017 TORONTO, ON
11/07/2017 LOS ANGELES, CA
11/08/2017 LOS ANGELES, CA
11/10/2017 LOS ANGELES, CA
11/14/2017 SAN JOSE, CA
11/24/2017 SALT LAKE CITY, UT
11/26/2017 DENVER, CO
11/28/2017 OMAHA, NE
11/29/2017 TULSA, OK
12/01/2017 ST. PAUL, MN
12/02/2017 DES MOINES, IA
12/04/2017 MILWAUKEE, WI
12/06/2017 DETROIT, MI
12/07/2017 GRAND RAPIDS, MI
12/10/2017 CLEVELAND, OH
12/12/2017 ATLANTA, GA
12/15/2017 TAMPA, FL
12/17/2017 ORLANDO, FL
12/20/2017 MIAMI, FL
01/05/2018 NEW ORLEANS, LA
01/07/2018 HOUSTON, TX
01/10/2018 SAN ANTONIO, TX
01/12/2018 LITTLE ROCK, AR
01/14/2018 DALLAS, TX
01/19/2018 PHOENIX, AZ
01/20/2018 LAS VEGAS, NV
01/31/2018 SACRAMENTO, CA
02/02/2018 PORTLAND, OR
02/03/2018 TACOMA, WA
02/05/2018 VANCOUVER, BC
05/23/2018 COLOGNE, DE
05/24/2018 ANTWERP, BE
05/26/2018 AMSTERDAM, NE
05/27/2018 AMSTERDAM, NE
05/29/2018 PARIS, FR
05/30/2018 PARIS, FR
06/01/2018 ZURICH, CH
06/02/2018 BOLOGNA, IT
06/04/2018 VIENNA, AT
06/06/2018 BERLIN, DE
06/08/2018 COPENHAGEN, DK
06/10/2018 STOCKHOLM, SE
06/14/2018 LONDON, UK
06/15/2018 LONDON, UK
06/18/2018 BIRMINGHAM, UK
06/19/2018 SHEFFIELD, UK
06/21/2018 LIVERPOOL, UK
06/22/2018 MANCHESTER, UK
06/24/2018 GLASGOW, UK
06/25/2018 NEWCASTLE, UK
07/24/2018 PERTH, WA
07/25/2018 PERTH, WA
07/30/2018 ADELAIDE, SA
07/31/2018 ADELAIDE, SA
08/02/2018 MELBOURNE, VIC
08/03/2018 MELBOURNE, VIC
08/05/2018 MELBOURNE, VIC
08/08/2018 BRISBANE, QLD
08/10/2018 BRISBANE, QLD
08/13/2018 SYDNEY, NSW
08/14/2018 SYDNEY, NSW
08/16/2018 SYDNEY, NSW
08/20/2018 AUCKLAND, NZ
08/21/2018 AUCKLAND, NZ

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