Katy Perry Teases Luke Bryan Over His Sexiest Man Alive Feature on 'American Idol' : 'Are You in There?'

Katy Perry says she's "enraptured" by fiancée Orlando Bloom in PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive issue in a clip shared exclusively with PEOPLE

American Idol judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie are on the hunt for the next big music star, but that doesn't mean their journey is completely devoid of distractions.

In a clip shared exclusively with PEOPLE ahead of Sunday night's episode, Perry gets lost in PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive issue — which just so happens to feature not only her fiancé Orlando Bloom, but Bryan, too.

"Sorry I was just enraptured by my fiancé. He's in PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive," Perry tells the country star. "Are you in that one? Are you there? Are you in that one?"

Though the "Firework" singer, 37, was clearly doing her best to tease Bryan, 45, turns out the joke is on her, because Bryan was indeed featured in the November issue, too.

"I think I'm in there," he says. "Yes, I am in there."

Katy Perry, luke bryan
Katy Perry and Luke Bryan.

Bloom, to whom Perry was engaged in 2019, was featured in the 2021 Sexiest Man Alive issue in a section called All Grown Up, where he was photographed on a motorcycle recreating a childhood photo on a bicycle.

Bryan, meanwhile, was featured in a Men of the Year section, and joked about how he's embracing his graying hair.

"I'm lucky to not have crazy tons of it, but I'll just enjoy," he said. "I hear that most ladies like a little salt and pepper. Nobody defined it better than Clooney. Maybe I can morph into that look."

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Meanwhile, back in Idol land, the judges welcome contestant Abigail Brooks to the stage, who proceeds to wow them with a theatrical version of Don McLean's "Vincent."

Because she's used to performing on her own and into the comfort of a broom, Brooks sings with the cleaning accessory in hand.

"I know Barbra [Streisand] very well and she is playful," Richie tells the New York-based coffee shop worker. "She's really playful, but when she opens her mouth and walks out on that stage, she turns into exactly what you're trying to be, which is a phenomenon."

American Idol, now in its 20th season, airs Sundays on ABC.

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