Katy Perry Reveals Which Empowering Anthem on Smile She's Excited for Her Daughter to Hear

The singer's upcoming fifth studio album Smile drops on Aug. 28

Katy Perry can't wait for her baby girl to hear her music.

On Tuesday, the singer virtually appeared on SiriusXM's Celebrity Session to give a live performance and answer fan questions when she opened up about one specific song on her album that she's most excited to play for her unborn daughter.

Perry — who's expecting her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom next month — explained that the track "What Makes a Woman" off her upcoming fifth studio album Smile has an empowering message that she hopes her daughter will take to heart.

"It’s a song about how you are gonna have a tough time measuring what truly makes a woman because women are so many things," the artist explained. "And I like to say not one thing, not just one thing. And such chameleons, and so adaptable, and so malleable and transformative. And can handle the weight of the world on their backs and do it all in heels. And make it look pretty effortless sometimes."

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The "Daisies" singer, 35, went on to share how amazing of an experience it has been to be pregnant while creating new music.

"I feel very empowered creating a life and being a working woman whilst doing that," she said. "It's like, can you create limbs while promoting a record? Hello!"

"So 'What Makes a Woman' will be a song that will kind of secretly be dedicated to her," she revealed.

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Last month, Perry expressed similar sentiments about the emotional track, sharing that the song is both "important to me and important for her [daughter]."

"That is a hope I have for my future child, is that she doesn't have any limits on any of her dreams, or what she wants to be, or who she thinks she is," Perry said on an NRJ Lebanon radio show, according to Billboard. "And, you know, she can change whenever she wants. She doesn't have to ... she can try everything on if she wants; figure out what fits."

The artist's radio show appearance came shortly after she announced that her upcoming album will no longer be released on Aug. 14 as intended.

"Welp. I hate to throw this bad news at you like a pie in the face ... but if there's anything 2020 taught me, it's to not get too attached to plans and be malleable," she captioned a gallery of photos that captured the moment a whipped cream pie was planted on her face.

Perry said "unavoidable production delays" are to blame for the pushed back release, with the album now set to drop two weeks later on Aug. 28. The artist said she doesn't know which will come first: the album debut or the birth of her baby-on-the-way.

"To make this up to you, starting this Sunday (Aug 2) and until the album drops (or until #Babycat 🤰🏼... whichever comes first 🙃😬) join me for #SmileSundays!" she continued. "Every Sunday, time TBA soon, I’m going to go on LIVE for 30 minutes or more and talk all things 🙂SMILE🙂 you’ll see new merch ... I’ll play some snippets ... maybe we’ll go live together ... we’ll def have a good chat!"

Addressing her loyal "clowns-n-cats," Perry thanked fans for "being so flexible in this time." She concluded: "It's a wild one, for sure, but I hope the patience will be worth the wait! ♥️🤡 Love, Katy."

Smile will now be available wherever you stream music on Aug. 28.

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