In the music video for her new single, Katy Perry frolics in a field, tries cupping, acupuncture and more

By Jen Juneau
May 31, 2019 09:11 AM
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Fans of Katy Perry have never seen her quite like this.

The pop superstar has dropped her much-anticipated latest single "Never Really Over," complete with an ethereal music video that evokes a late-1960s Hair-like aesthetic but with a more colorful backdrop — and a holistic aspect.

Lyrically, the new track has a relatably similar message to some of her past songs (“Two years, and just like that / My head still takes me back / Thought it was done, but I / Guess it’s never really over,” the chorus goes, in part), but that’s where the parallels end.

The uplifting video begins with a trip to a hippie-style retreat, where Perry, 34, sings about starting to feel closer to an ex once again — perhaps a nod to her one-time on-again, off-again love (now fiancé), Orlando Bloom?

Katy Perry’s music video for “Never Really Over”
Katy Perry’s music video for “Never Really Over”
Katy Perry’s music video for “Never Really Over”
Katy Perry’s music video for “Never Really Over”

The rest of the video sees a blonde Perry rock a variety of period-appropriate outfits as she dances in a field with her fellow ranch dwellers and tries a variety of wellness activities, like acupuncture and cupping.

“I guess I could try hypnotherapy / I gotta rewire this brain / ‘Cause I can’t even go on the internet / Without even checking your name,” she sings.

Near the end of the 4-minute video, Perry gathers around a fire with a group who all drink glowing liquid from bottles decorated with a heart — after which they all seize up, seemingly hypnotized from the contents.

Despite the numerous costume changes and activities in the video, one primary message seems to persist given the prevalence of heart shapes at every turn: love.

Katy Perry’s music video for “Never Really Over”
Katy Perry’s music video for “Never Really Over”

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“Never Really Over” marks Perry’s first solo pop single since her Witness album cycle ended with the release of “Hey Hey Hey” in 2018.

She teased the new song on Tuesday, revealing the title and unveiling its orange-bordered art that saw the singer throwing her head back while wearing the all-orange dress and purple eyeshadow, her curly blonde locks framing her face and falling down over her shoulders.

“Never Really Over” is available to stream now on