It took a few decades, but Katy Perry bravely headed back to Medieval Times after enduring a humiliating experience as a kid


It took a few decades, but Katy Perry bravely headed back to Medieval Times restaurant after enduring a humiliating experience as a kid.

Sporting a paper crown that showed her support for the red and yellow knight at the Dallas, Texas, tournament, the pop star spoke about the “traumatic” incident before the show began in her Instagram stories.

“One of my more embarrassing stories I have from childhood that traumatized me is that when I was very young, I went to Medieval Times, and the guy came over to me and he had a ribbon at the end of his joust,” she said.

katy perry
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Perry shared that she had no idea that she was supposed to take the ribbon off.

“Well, instead of that, I took my dirty napkin that I had been putting all the chicken grease on, and put it on top of the joust,” the singer recalled. “Everyone in the whole arena laughed at me, and I think I was maybe, like, 6 or 7, and now I’m 33, and I’m gonna do it right this time.”

The journey back proved to be a more successful one, with the singer chowing down on dinner sans utensils and accepting a flower from her knight.

At the end of the night, Perry was crowned the “Queen of Love and Beauty.” She pretended to cry as she received a tiara and sash from the knight, who she excitedly hugged.

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“Ladies and gentleman, I present our champion, Lady Katy!” an announcer said.

The video’s caption read, “FINALLY THEY AREN’T LAUGHING,” referring to Perry’s embarrassing story.

Perry took to Instagram Wednesday night to share an update about her California “hometown” after deadly mudslides swept through the area.

“The past 48 hours has been incredibly devastating for my hometown of Santa Barbara & Montecito with insane mudslides wiping out homes and taking over 15 people’s lives with 25 still missing. This is a small community that has just gone through #thomasfire devastation,” wrote Perry referencing the wildfire that wreaked havoc on the same region just a month prior. In December, she shared on her social media pages that her parents had to evacuate their home in Santa Barbara County on her mother’s birthday.

“My house and my parents’ house are ok but are in walking distance of the area affected…” she continues. “Montecito is my sanctuary and where I have made my past couple of records… I know #805STRONG will survive but we appreciate your prayers and when I know information on how you can help I will post.”