“I’m not really a pas de bourrée type girl…I’m more of like a pass the burrata girl," the singer told fans at her "Never Really Over" music video premiere

By Brianne Tracy
May 30, 2019 04:55 PM

From her infamous double dab on SNL to breaking out the worm on American Idol, Katy Perry has no shame when it comes to her dance moves.

While celebrating the premiere of her new music video and single “Never Really Over” at YouTube Space in Los Angeles on Wednesday, the singer got candid during a Q&A discussion with celebrity choreographer Kyle Hanamagi about how she has been called out for her dancing — which many have deemed as “awkward” — throughout the years.

“For me, I’m not really a pas de bourrée type girl,” Perry, 34, said. “I have to learn on the fly. It’s harder for me, it doesn’t come naturally. I’m more of, like, a pass the burrata girl. I didn’t grow up in the dance world, I didn’t grow up having dance lessons, so everything looks a little awkward and sometimes I get very publicly shamed for my awkwardness.”

She added: “I’m like, ‘That’s who I am!'”


During the Q&A, Perry also talked about the inspiration behind her new song.

“I worked on this song when I was on tour, and I don’t really do that,” she said. “It’s produced by Zedd, and I brought him the song and said, ‘Wow it sounds amazing.’ Specifically, the lyrics in the second verse that I really love is: ‘I guess I should try to go to therapy to try to get you out of my brain, I can’t even go on the internet, without even checking your name.'”

Lester Cohen/Getty Images for Capitol Records

“I know you all understand that,” she continued. “You know when you go to show someone something on Instagram and you’re like ‘[I need to] delete all these first’ before I hand my phone over? It’s really a song about the choices we have in life to take steps forwards or backwards and how your mind is extremely powerful. It’s also about acceptance.”

Katy Perry
Lester Cohen/Getty Images for Capitol Records

For the music video, Perry said she wanted to incorporate a lot of the values and practices she has adopted in her own life over the last several years — like acupuncture and cupping — and she even transformed the event space to represent that too. 

“This space is decorated with a time like the age of Aquarius, new age, California, healing, hippie, medicinal, plant-based,” she said. “These are the words that I have come to live by and incorporate this way of life in the past five years, and I wanted to put it in my music and now in the video too. I’m not sure that cupping has ever been in a music video or facial acupuncture, which is really good for the face. You don’t necessarily need injections, but you could have both, who cares? No one cares, as long as you’re happy.”

Katy Perry
Lester Cohen/Getty Images for Capitol Records

Across the event, there were different activations set up including an aura-reading tent and van with a photo booth inside. The 200 fans that joined Perry for the special evening also enjoyed a buffet of foods made with Impossible Burger plant-based meat substitute products, ice cream pops and drinks including a Kissed Goodbye Martini, Losing Self Control Margarita, Such a Mess Mai Tai and Rewire the Brain Mojito.

Katy Perry
Lester Cohen/Getty Images for Capitol Records

When the Q&A was put to an abrupt halt when a fire alarm went off inside the event, Perry revealed another surprise: she and two of her fans would be getting matching tattoos in the truck set up outside.

“The bus outside is a tattoo bus,” she said. “Because in this video, there’s an incredible little symbol of a tattoo that actually [director] Philippa [Price] inspired with her personal story. We did a little twist on it. It says, ‘Miss you.’ Hers says ‘F— you,’ and I respect that so much. But I thought maybe, ‘Miss you.'”

Katy Perry
Lester Cohen/Getty Images for Capitol Records

Before heading out to get a matching heart tattoo with her fans, Perry teased whether a brand new album is on the way.

“You know what’s amazing about the time we live in? I think there are less rules about how you have to release music, and what we’re finding is that people just want music out,” she said. “They don’t necessarily need it in a long format, they don’t necessarily have the time and we like to do that and just put music out. If there is a reaction, like a good reaction or a desire for more, there could be more.”

The “Never Really Over” music video will premiere at 12 a.m. ET Friday/ 9 p.m. PT Thursday on YouTube Music. Ahead of the premiere, fans can tune in to YouTube for a live Q&A with Perry.