Karol G Talks Reclaiming Her 'Space' and Upcoming Bitchota Tour: 'I'm Super Happy to Represent'

Karol G is partnering with Smirnoff on the For the People campaign as she kicks off her tour later this month

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From her 2019 hit single "Tusa" to her 2021 female anthem "Bitchota," this Latin queen never fails to lift women and be unapologetically herself.

In honor of Karol G's partnership with Smirnoff on the For the People campaign, the Colombian star tells PEOPLE what being a Latina means to her — and how she's reclaiming her space as a female reggaeton artist.

"As a Latina, I think all the Latinos, we just have something inside that make us really hard workers," Karol G, 30, says. "We look [for] the opportunity in places that there's no opportunity."

karol G
Karol G. Smirnoff

Meanwhile, the "Tusa" singer explains that in the Latina community, women are continuously working to claim their space and respect from others — and she's proud to be a part of that movement as one of the few Latin women in a male-dominated genre.

"We are working for our spaces right now. But we are here. And we now have that respect. People know us [and] know our story," Karol G says. "I'm super happy just to represent that part, to inspire people if I can, that's the most important thing."

Smirnoff's For the People campaign celebrates authenticity, diversity and the power of Latin culture — a message that Karol G says she's always strived to communicate through her music.

"The biggest and most important thing for me of the campaign was this beautiful message that I've been trying to share with my music and with all the stuff that I've been doing this last year," she says. "Right now we are in this social media world and everybody wants to have a perfect life being something that maybe they're not, just to get loved and appreciated."

She continued, "so our message together between Smirnoff and Karol G is just to invite the people to be their selves, to love each other as the way we are. Respect others as the way they are."

The campaign also marks the release of the brands two newest products, Smirnoff's Poco Pico Seltzer variety pack and the Spicy Tamarind beverages set to hit the shelves this Fall. The Poco Pico Seltzer variety pack flavors include mango chili, pineapple jalapeño, spicy tamarind and spicy margarita.

Karol G also dove into what she's most looking forward to in her upcoming Bitchota Tour, which is set to kick off on Oct. 27 and is presented by Smirnoff. The "Don't Be Shy" songstress will visit multiple cities across the U.S. and will wrap up on Dec. 4 with a show in Medellín, Colombia — where she will perform songs from her album KG0516 along with her latest releases.

To Karol G, however, it's all about sharing the moment with her fans on her first-ever headlining tour.

"It's the first time we're going to have a huge stage with different screens, lights and color. The most important thing is that I'm going to share this time with the people that follow me," she says.

She continued, "So right now that I have the opportunity again to be night by night by night, performing with my people, meet and greet, knowing them, each other, to share those moments. I'm really excited about it. I'm super happy. I was waiting so long for this time."

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