Kanye West Drops Song Explaining His Behavior: 'Ever Since Trump Won It Proved I Could Be President'

Kanye West's song, 'Ye vs. the People," featuring rapper T.I., debuted on the radio Friday evening.

Just hours after he released his track “Lift Yourself,Kanye West dropped another song – and this one was no joke.

The 40-year-old’s “Ye vs. the People,” featuring rapper T.I., debuted on radio station, Power 106, Friday evening.

In the song, West and T.I. explain their different points of view when it comes to West’s recent behavior and controversially conservative ideas.

West kicks off the song by rapping: “I know Obama was heaven-sent, but ever since Trump won, it proved that I could be President.”

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“Yeah you can, at what cost though?” T.I., 37, asks West, who has previously been outspoken about his support for President Donald Trump, even publicly calling Trump “my brother.” Although, he later clarified on Twitter that he doesn’t “agree with everything Trump does.”

West also explained why he was wearing one of the President’s Make America Great Again hats, which he shared a photo of on social media earlier this week.

“Bruh, I never ever stopped fightin’ for the people. Actually wearing the hat is to show people that we’re equal,” raps West, who was also photographed wearing the red MAGA hat as he left his studio in Calabasas, California, on Wednesday.

“You gotta see the finer point of the people,” responds T.I, explaining: “What makes you feel equal makes them feel evil.”

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But West is quick to say, “See that’s the problem with this damn nation. All blacks gotta be Democrats. Man, we ain’t made it off the plantation.”

“You in a position, don’t you feel an obligation to them?” asks T.I., who isn’t the first of West’s friends to question his political stance. The rapper’s pal, John Legend, also texted him asking West to “reconsider aligning yourself with Trump,” which West shared in a Tweet on Thursday.

“I feel an obligation to show people new ideas and if you want to hear ’em, here go two right here,” raps West. “‘Make America Great Again’ had a negative perception, I took it; Wore it; Rocked it; Gave it a new direction; Added empathy, care, and love and affection—and y’all sympathy questioning my methods?”

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But T.I. is not convinced telling the Chicago rapper: “You are starting to make a scene like Donnie cut you a check.”

Despite T.I. telling West he sounds “high”, West insists he came to this position after having an epiphany about his life.

“One day I was like f–k it I’m going to do me. I was in the sunken place and then I found a new me,” he raps.

The pair most likely recorded the track on Thursday after spending the day together, which T.I. spoke about on his social media.

“Yesterday spent the day wit Kanye… Long term work in progress, No Doubt. Still Optimistic Something From our Discussion gon STICK…I refuse to just give up on him. The Old Ye’ TOO IMPORTANT!!!,” T.I. said on his Instagram Story.

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Earlier on Friday, West also shared a song, “Lift Yourself,” with fans on Twitter.

However, despite initially sounding like new music, it seems the rapper was actually trolling fans with a joke track.

The song starts out with women singing a new version of Amnesty’s 1973 hit “Liberty,” with some signature West beats.

However, when West finally jumps on the track he does so for only one verse.

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The star raps: “But they don’t really realize, though; this next verse, this next verse though; these bars; watch this s—t go,” before delivering the nonsensical lines: “Poopy-di scoop. Scoop-diddy-whoop. Whoop-di-scoop-di-poop. Poop-di-scoopt. Scoopty-whoop. Whoopity-scoop. Whoop-poop. Poop-diddy. Whoop-Scoop. Poop. Poop. Scoop-diddy-whoop. Whoop-diddy-scoop. Whoop-diddy-scoop. Poop.”

Before releasing the song, West announced on social media that it would be coming out, and that it would include a verse dedicated to Hot 97 host Ebro Darden.

“I’m going to drop a song with a verse that will bring Ebro the closure he’s been seeking,” the musician wrote on Twitter referring to Darden. “It’s called Lift Yourself.”

On Monday, Darden, said that he recently spoke to West over the phone, claiming that during their conversation, the rapper reiterated his support for President Donald Trump, as well as, discussed anti-Black Lives Matter commentator Candace Owen’s appeal.

The following day, Hot 97 released audio, in which West can be heard telling Ebro “I love you” repeatedly.

This past week, West has been on a Twitter spree, in which he publicly declared his love for Trump, as well as, confirmed that he had stopped working with a manager, tweeting, “I no longer have a manager. I can’t be managed.”

Despite his tweet storm, “things are going on normally” for the Kardashian-West family, a source previously told PEOPLE, adding that nobody has canceled or changed any plans because of West’s recent behavior.

A second source also confirmed to PEOPLE that nobody — including his wife Kim Kardashian West — has altered their “work” schedules.

A third source told PEOPLE that every day after West finishes his work in the studio, he’s returning home to spend time with his family — including Chicago, 3 months, Saint, 2, and North, 4½ — who are all currently in Los Angeles.

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