How Kanye Is Helping Kim After Traumatic Robbery: 'He's Putting the Needs of His Family First'

A source tells PEOPLE Kanye West is looking to learn from Kim Kardashian West's Paris robbery — and is determined to help his wife through it

In the weeks after Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room, Kanye West is continuing to do all he can to turn the tragedy into a triumph.

“He’s putting the needs of his family first, which of course takes precedence over everything else in his life,” a source close to West tells PEOPLE. He is carefully considering how to address and shore up any issues in both his family’s safety and security, and where appropriate, his businesses.”

The 36-year-old reality star was robbed on Oct. 3 at the No Address Hotel in Paris by masked men dressed as police officers. The robbers tied the mom of two up and put her in a bathroom while they made off with two cellphones and nearly $11 million worth of jewelry.

Kardashian West, 36, has stayed out of the public eye since the incident and a source previously told PEOPLE that the mom of two is spending a majority of her time in her home, adding that the “whole family has been on lockdown.”

Now, the source says the family is determined to overcome the troubling situation.

“Kanye is both loyal and optimistic. Kim and Kanye are determined to turn any setbacks or tragedies into triumphs,” the insider tells PEOPLE. “It’s in both of their natures and embedded in their personal stories.”

The source adds: “[West] thinks a lot about their public face, their fame, and what they can be to people, how they can reach out to their fans and influence people in a positive way. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if each of them … applied different strategies moving forward about how they roll out their public lives.”

West, 39, rushed to his wife’s side the moment he received news of the robbery, but the dedicated rapper was back on stage less than a week later. And the West insider says that amid his busy schedule, the rapper has always put his family first.


“Prior to what happened he had his whole tour set up so that he could be with his family every night,” the source says. “He was hubbing out of New York. Instead of spending time on a tour bus, he was flying in and out of New York every night so that he could be home with his family. That’s the general protocol for him on the tour. When he’s on tour, being with his family when he can be is super important to him. He’s willing to travel long distances to do that.”

About a month before the robbery, West took a blow when his Yeezy Season 4 fashion show suffered negative reviews. And the source says that, much like Kardashian West’s robbery, West is looking to learn from the experience.

“It’s the same thing with the Season 4 stuff, which was publicly viewed as a setback. He’s like, ‘What lessons are there to be learned from this situation and how do I apply them and make adjustments?’ ” the insider tells PEOPLE. “It’s the same with his family and with the security.”

  • Reporting by JANINE RUBENSTEIN
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