Kanye West Releases Bizarre New Track 'Lift Yourself'

The rapper shared the song with fans on social media Friday.

As promised, Kanye West is starting to release new music – sort of.

On Friday, the 40-year-old rapper released a track titled, “Lift Yourself,” which he shared with fans on Twitter.

However, despite initially sounding like new music, it seems the rapper was actually trolling fans with a joke track.

The song starts out with women singing a new version of Amnesty’s 1973 hit “Liberty,” with some signature West beats.

However, when West finally jumps on the track he does so for only one verse and it is far from the “fire” he was promising.

The star raps: “But they don’t really realize, though; this next verse, this next verse though; these bars; watch this s—t go,” before delivering the nonsensical lines: “Poopy-di scoop. Scoop-diddy-whoop. Whoop-di-scoop-di-poop. Poop-di-scoopt. Scoopty-whoop. Whoopity-scoop. Whoop-poop. Poop-diddy. Whoop-Scoop. Poop. Poop. Scoop-diddy-whoop. Whoop-diddy-scoop. Whoop-diddy-scoop. Poop.”

Hours before releasing the song, West announced on social media that it would be coming out, and that it would include a verse dedicated to Hot 97 host Ebro Darden.

“I’m going to drop a song with a verse that will bring Ebro the closure he’s been seeking,” the musician wrote on Twitter referring to Darden. “It’s called Lift Yourself.”

It seems as if Darden, 43, has already listened to the song that seemingly is about the radio host, Tweeting the words, “Woop-diddy-scoop…. #bars @kanyewest,” not too long after it was released.

“We already knew you was #TrollYeWest,” Darden wrote in a separate Tweet. “It’s all fun & games. Woop-diddy-scoop-diddy… #SamboFlow,” he admitted in another post.

On Monday, Darden, said that he recently spoke to West over the phone, claiming that during their conversation, the rapper reiterated his support for President Donald Trump, as well as, discussed anti-Black Lives Matter commentator Candace Owen’s appeal.

The following day, Hot 97 released audio, in which West can be heard telling Ebro “I love you” repeatedly.

This past week, West has been on a Twitter spree, in which he publicly declared his love for Trump, calling him “my brother.”

While West later clarified on Twitter that he doesn’t “agree with everything Trump does,” he went on to share photos of himself wearing one of the president’s Make America Great Again hats. He was also photographed wearing the red MAGA hat as he left his studio in Calabasas, California, on Wednesday.

The rapper also confirmed on Wednesday that he had stopped working with a manager, tweeting, “I no longer have a manager. I can’t be managed.”

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

Despite his tweet storm, “things are going on normally” for the Kardashian-West family, a source previously told PEOPLE, adding that nobody has canceled or changed any plans because of West’s recent behavior.

A second source also confirmed to PEOPLE that nobody — including his wife Kim Kardashian West — has altered their “work” schedules.

A third source told PEOPLE that every day after West finishes his work in the studio, he’s returning home to spend time with his family — including Chicago, 3 months, Saint, 2, and North, 4½ — who are all currently in Los Angeles.

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