Kanye West Reveals He Made Donald Trump an 'Updated' MAGA Hat: 'Make America Great'

After his meeting with Donald Trump on Thursday, Kanye West revealed he made POTUS a new MAGA hat, which says Make America Great instead of Make America Great Again

Kanye West has designed a new MAGA hat.

Following his visit with Donald Trump at the White House Thursday, West, 41, explained during an impromptu speech at an Apple store in Washington, D.C. hours later that he gave POTUS an “updated” MAGA hat that says “Make America Great” instead of “Make America Great Again.”

“It hurts us as people, specifically black people— the idea, because we say ‘Was America ever great for us?'” West said in a video posted to social media, which shows him standing atop a table inside the Apple store.

“So we made an updated hat that said, ‘Make America Great’ and Trump wore the hat, so he is open to adjusting and listening,” West continued.

According to reporter Jack Jenkins, who was able to take a few photos of the moment, West then showed the crowd photos of POTUS wearing the MAG hat. The photos later surfaced on social media.

For the appearance, West wore a purple baseball cap paired with a USPS vest. However, for his visit to the Oval Office he was photographed in the MAGA hat.

During his meeting with Trump, West addressed his decision to wear the MAGA hat, which has gotten him in pretty hot water with his fans.

“You know, they tried to scare me to not wear this hat— my own friends,” West said. “But this hat, it gives me— it gives me power, in a way. You know, my dad and my mom separated, so I didn’t have a lot of male energy in my home. And also, I’m married to a family that— (laughs) — you know, not a lot of male energy going on,” West continued in reference to his wife Kim Kardashian.

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President Donald Trump hugs Kanye West during a visit to the White House in October 2018. Oliver Contreras - Pool/Getty

“It’s beautiful, though,” West continued. But there’s times where, you know, there’s something about— you know, I love Hillary [Clinton]. I love everyone, right? But the campaign ‘I’m with her’ just didn’t make me feel, as a guy, that didn’t get to my dad all the time— like a guy that could play catch with his son.”

“It was something about when I put this hat on, it made me feel like Superman. You made a Superman. That was my— that’s my favorite superhero. And you made a Superman cape,” West added.

Trump, Washington, USA - 11 Oct 2018
Evan Vucci/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Ahead of their meeting, POTUS spoke highly of West during a phone interview with Fox & Friends.

“First of all, I like him a lot. He’s been a friend of mine. I’ve known him for a long time. He’s a very different kind of a guy. I say that in a positive way, but he is a different kind of a guy.”

“Those that are in the music business say he’s a genius, and that’s okay with me because as far as I’m concerned he is,” Trump added. “He’s really a great guy. You know what he wants? He’s not asking for anything for himself. … He’s a private guy, and he wants to help people.”

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