Kanye West's tweets are more than a stream of consciousness, he believes they're "changing the world" in a battle of "good vs. evil"

Kanye West’s tweets are more than a stream of consciousness, he believes they’re “changing the world” in a battle of “good vs. evil.”

The “Famous” rapper, 40, is not, however, concerned by people’s reactions to his love for President Donald Trump or to those expressing concern over his mental state – as long as they do not call him erratic.

“He’s actually not as upset as you’d think about what’s being said,” a source close to West tells PEOPLE. “He just thinks that no one gets his genius.”

“He hated the word erratic, but he likes to say that genius is erratic,” the insider continues, referencing the term a different source close to West used to describe him. “You can’t be a genius if you’re not erratic in some way. So it’s not wrong, but he thinks it’s more than being erratic.”

Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

As for West’s admiration of Trump, which has caused his friends John Legend and Chance the Rapper to speak out, the source says, “He believes that he’s changing the world right now, for the better.”

They add, “He believes that this is good vs. evil. Anyone who says or writes anything negative about him is evil, while he is good.”

Multiple sources told PEOPLE the father of three has cut off contact with multiple people in his inner circle, including his managers, lawyers and closest friends.

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A source close to the situation revealed West has also had multiple arguments with his mother-in-law Kris Jenner.

“He’s had huge blow-ups with Kris. She sees how erratic he’s acting and is most concerned about her daughter’s brand. She’s also trying to be a good mother-in-law, so he’s having explosive issues with her too,” the source said. “Everyone is really, really worried.”

Jenner, 62, has denied there is any tension between her and West but has not responded to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

West concluded his Twitter spree on Wednesday afternoon after posting 82 times on his social media account.

“That’s the last tweet of the day. … Now ima go watch the Cavs,” he wrote, seemingly supporting the team his sister-in-law Khloé Kardashian‘s boyfriend Tristan Thompson plays on.