Kanye West Asked 'Jesus Is King' Collaborators Not to Have Premarital Sex While Working on Album

Kanye West had some unusual ideas about how to keep the people working on his still yet-to-be-released album as focused as possible

Kanye West had some unusual rules while working on his still yet-to-be-released album Jesus Is King.

During a lengthy interview with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe on Apple Music, the rapper, 42, revealed that there were times during the process of making the religious album he asked his collaborators to abstain from premarital sex.

“This is gonna be radical what I’m about to say,” he continued, noting that in addition to sometimes “asking people to fast” there were also “times I was asking people to not have premarital sex while they were working on the album.”

“I know that’s one where The Shade Room will be like ‘what you mean not have premarital sex!?’ but seriously there’s times I went to people that were working on other projects and said could you just work and focus on this?” he continued. “I mean it’s known when people pray together, families that pray together stay together. When people pray together and fast together, the power is increased.”

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West also claimed that his faith helped him beat addictions to pornography and sex.

Playboy was my gateway into full-on pornography addiction,” he said. “My dad had a Playboy left out at age 5, and it’s affected almost every choice I made for the rest of my life from age 5 to now, having to kick the habit.”

“With God I’ve been able to beat things that had a full control of me,” he continued, before referencing his behavior at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, when he infamously grabbed the microphone from Taylor Swift. “You know that Playboy that I found when I was 5 years old was written all over the moment when I was at the MTV awards with the Timberlands, the Balmain jeans, before people was rocking Balmain jeans, and the Hennessy bottle.”

Continuing he said, “It’s like that was such a script out of a rockstar’s life. My mom had passed a year before and I said some people drown themselves in drugs. And I drowned myself in my addiction [to sex].”

Kanye West
Kanye West at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. CHANCE YEH/Patrick McMullan via Getty

During the interview, West also discussed the comments he made on a recent Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode, in which he bickered with wife Kim Kardashian West the night before the Met Gala after expressing his disapproval of his wife’s form-fitting dress, asking, “It’s hot, for who though?“

“I suffer and I appreciate the suffering because we can feel a little bit of what Jesus experienced, but I suffer on social media,” Kanye explained to Lowe during the interview. “There are other married men that I know are happy to hear me say that.”

“Social media prompts women, in particular, to put out content that they wouldn’t in the past,” he continued. “When I was younger and I wanted to see something like that I had to pay someone who was older … Now I have friends who have kids in high school and it’s readily available.”

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Although West’s latest interviews have been in support of Jesus Is King, the album, which was supposed to be released at midnight on Friday, has yet to materialize.

Early Friday morning, West tweeted an explanation, sharing that they were still fine-tuning some tracks.

“To my fans, thank you for being loyal & patient,” he wrote. “We are specifically fixing mixes on ‘Everything We Need’ ‘Follow God’ & ‘Water.’ “

West went on to assure that his team is hard at work finalizing the record: “We not going to sleep until this album is out!”

While West’s fans are used to the rapper’s releases arriving fashionably late — or not at all — producer Consequence has claimed the album will be released Friday afternoon.

“#JIK was turned in at 4AM. I had @kanyewest approval to oversee Final mixes and mastering. It takes 8 hours for the LP to ingest into the Digital Streaming Platforms. I didn’t eat dinner so you guys could have this by Lunch time 12/1pm EST” he tweeted Friday morning

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