K-Pop Group ITZY Says Their Album 'Crazy in Love' Is About How They'd 'Act When They Fall in Love'

"'LOCO' makes me feel like I'm at a rock festival. I like the unique and magnificent vibe," says Yeji

Photo: JYP Entertainment

Keep your eyes on ITZY.

Late last month, the group released their first full-length album Crazy in Love, which the group — comprising Ryujin, Yuna, Yeji, Lia and Chaeryeong — tell PEOPLE is filled with the "more mature, colorful voices" of the group.

"We worked very hard to show the various sides of us," says Yuna. "It represents the charm we have."

"The majority of our new album Crazy in Love is about how ITZY would act when they fall in love. The track 'LOCO' represents the emotion of feeling out of control when you fall in love deeply," adds Ryujin about the LP that reached No. 11 on the Billboard 200. "I think this album allows you to hear the voices of ITZY that you haven't heard before. We tried different types of rapping and different types of vocal songs, so each song carries a unique mood to our various sounds."

Before the LP, the group released mini-album It'z Me last year, featuring "Wannabe," the group's biggest hit. Since then, the members' fanbase has grown exponentially.

"The more our fans and listeners enjoy our music and acknowledge us, the more we want to try new genres and widen the spectrum of our music. I'm excited to show more of our growth and our performances in the future!" says Yeji.

As for next for the group, Yuna explains that they hope to continue "being a positive energy for more people."

"We will try hard to make ITZY well known by more listeners globally," explains Yeji. "We will also try many new things and show the world how well we can do it. I want to give energy through the many stages of our music. To do so, I'll do my best!"

Crazy in Love is out now.

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