June 07, 2017 09:23 PM

Justin Timberlake is inching closer and closer to releasing new music.

The 36-year-old superstar sparked rumors on Twitter Wednesday night after he tweeted a cryptic message about studio etiquette.

“Studio Rule #1: If the artist plays their music and you are on your phone looking at social media… Chances are, you’re an A——–.”

His Twitter followers immediately responded with their own tweets, urging the singer to release a preview of his new music.

In February, Timberlake opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about fatherhood and returning to the studio to make new music following the success of his single “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” — which was nominated for an Oscar from the movie Trolls.

“Watching him jump around to ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling!’ starting to learn words because of that song — it’s the best thing in the world,” the proud dad says with a smile of his son. “I’d never have written it if it weren’t for him.”

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