Justin Bieber Spotted Sitting in a Tree in Boston Public Garden as His Strange Behavior Continues

The "Sorry" singer returned to the Boston Public Garden on Wednesday

Photo: Pablo Cuadra/WireImage

Justin Bieber is at one with nature, it seems.

The “Sorry” singer returned to the Boston Public Garden on Wednesday and was spotted scaling one of the larger trees in the park.

Sporting a black hat, gray t-shirt, and baggy denim shorts over high black socks, Bieber took a seat straddling a wide branch of the tree, with his legs flailing off the sides.


With a guitarist strumming “Scarborough Fair” in the background, Bieber seemed to enjoy his time, listening to headphones and sitting with his arms up in the air.

Justin Bieber Cancels His Fan Meet and Greets

This is the second day in the row of strange Bieber behavior in Massachusetts. Before his show at the TD Garden on Tuesday, Justin was spotted walking around barefoot and feeding squirrels in the Boston Public Garden, before lying down in the grass and snapped a few selfies. Later, he headed to Lucky Strike Lanes in the Fenway neighborhood to play pool at Jillian s with his bodyguard, the venue confirmed Wednesday.

Concertgoers said his behavior at Tuesday evening’s concert was a bit strange. “He said he had a bad experience the last time he was in Boston, and this one’s already off to a better start,” one mother told PEOPLE. “He was in a glass box onstage. He was literally in a glass case of emotion,” she added. “He didn’t even try. At one point he just stopped singing all together.”

Hoards of Beliebers camped out outside the Four Seasons Hotel Boston, hoping to catch a glance at the singer as he continues on tour.

Yesterday, Bieber took to Instagram to say he’s “done taking pictures” with his fans. “I feel like a zoo animal, and I wanna be able to keep my sanity,” he wrote.

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