Justin Bieber reunited with fan Lynsey Mickolas a decade after bringing her up on stage and serenading her with "One Less Lonely Girl" at his 2010 concert

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Hailey Baldwin might be Justin Bieber’s forever “One Less Lonely Girl,” but a decade ago he had another: super-fan Lynsey Mickolas.

In the finale episode of his YouTube docu-series, Seasons, the “Yummy” singer, 25, reunites with Mickolas 10 years after serenading her with “One Less Lonely Girl” on stage during his Aug. 31, 2010 concert at New York City’s Madison Square Garden — a moment which appeared in his first documentary, 2011’s Never Say Never.

The episode begins with Mickolas introducing herself to the camera as a forensic chemist living in Virginia and recalling the moment she was brought up on stage by Bieber’s manager, Allison Kaye.

“To be honest, I don’t remember everything from that night because everything just happened so quickly and it was so overwhelming,” she says. “Allison just brings me backstage. She was like, ‘You’re going to be his “One Less Lonely Girl.”‘ And I was like, ‘What?'”

Meanwhile, Bieber is shown preparing to surprise Mickolas during her interview and says, “I’m nervous. I don’t know. It’s, like, the opposite thing to do. Like, why am I nervous? … She has no idea I’m here.”

As Mickolas starts talking about how much she loves Bieber’s 2015 album, Purpose, he comes up behind her and says, “Yeah, me too. Honestly, the Purpose album was really good. But, like, ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ is definitely up there. Did you say, ‘Once a Belieber, always a Belieber?'”

In response, Mickolas says, “Of course!”

The two then hug before watching back the clip of them sharing the stage together in 2010.

“Look at how adorable we are,” Bieber says. “We’re so young! You did not expect that, I’m sure.”

The episode continues with Baldwin, 23, saying that it had been two years since she and Bieber dated at the time when they decided to get back together. In that time, she says, they had to “learn each other all over again.” (Bieber and Baldwin wed in September 2019 after tying the knot at a New York City courthouse a year prior.)

“Obviously, we had grown up and things were very different,” she says. “So it was interesting having to re-get to know this person that I thought I knew so well. You never actually stop getting to know someone even being married. We couldn’t get any closer but I feel like as time goes on, I learn him more and more and more. And it’s so fun. I hope that actually never stops.”

Later, Baldwin joins Bieber and his family at an ice skating rink to watch the singer play hockey with his old pals and some players on the Toronto Maple Leafs. On the sidelines, Bieber’s 10-year-old brother Jaxon says, “I get really sad when I don’t see him. But the times I do get to see him, I’m really happy because we get to play with each other, play games and stuff like that.”

Justin Bieber plays with the Toronto Maple Leafs
Justin Bieber and his brother, Jaxon
| Credit: Justin Bieber/Instagram

The series then features interviews with some of Bieber’s famous friends and collaborators, including Billie Eilish, DJ Khaled, Usher and Big Sean.

“I would say he’s doing better and that makes me so happy because I care about him more than anyone in my life,” Eilish, 18, says. “The fact that he’s just moving forward and going and going and going is huge. I think it’s bigger than all of us even realize because it’s easy to stop.”

“Imagine being a kid and never really having the opportunity to have any normal experiences. Everything that happens with you is scrutinized because you’re living in front of a filter that calls you to be perfect but you’re not,” Usher, 41, says. “It’s a gift but a curse. His evolution, I think, is still underway.”

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As a kid, Bieber says he “didn’t really have control over everything.”

“The respect level was a little different because I was so much younger than everybody, so now going out there and setting the tone is really what I want to do,” he says. “I lead by example of how I want the tour to go. I mean, that’s how you do it. You’re directing this thing and you set the tone. In the past it was like, ‘This is the J.B. show.’ I guess I really wasn’t focused on other people like that. I was focused on myself. My whole perspective change is gonna make everything run a lot smoother, make me happier, make the people around me respect me more.”

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
| Credit: Justin Bieber/Youtube

When he sets out on his in May, Bieber will be joined by Baldwin on tour for the first time.

“I’m excited to go on tour,” Baldwin says. “I’m not an artist so I don’t really know what it’s like, but I would say I love to pick up and go and be traveling and moving. I won’t be there the whole time. I’ll probably come in and out. I still have to work and do my thing. I think my goal is to just create a home away from home for him.”

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin
| Credit: Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin

One person who is definitely excited about the tour is Eilish, who is featured saying, “Anything he makes at all I’m excited about. I don’t care if he pooped and put it on a plate and put that in a store, I’m excited. Anything that Justin makes, I’m ready to go.”

The rest of the episode counts down to the Valentine’s Day release of Bieber’s new album Changes and shows clips of his interviews with Ellen DeGeneres, James Corden and Jimmy Fallon as well as his performance on Saturday Night Live.

On the day of the album release, Justin is shown giving an emotional speech to his team.

“This has been a crazy awesome chapter,” he says. “I’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs, everybody in this room, for the most part, played an enormous role in the success of this album. I’m grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you, guys.”

Bieber concludes the series by saying that at the end of the day, relationships are everything.

“They’re more important than any collateral,” he says. “Things don’t fulfill you. Spend your time getting close to the people around you.”