Justin Bieber makes a comedic appearance in YouTube personality's Rudy Mancuso new video called "Racist Superman"

By Stephanie Petit
April 05, 2018 10:45 AM

Justin Bieber as a well-mannered superhero might just be our kryptonite.

The 24-year-old singer makes a comedic appearance in YouTube personality Rudy Mancuso‘s new video, “Racist Superman.” The sketch pokes fun at cultural stereotypes while variations of the comic book hero — including Hispanic Superman, Jewish Superman and Black Superman — quarrel about who is the best.

Bieber goes back to his roots to play Canadian Superman, who shows up to the gathering decked out in full hockey gear.

“What’s up, guys?” he says, putting on his best accent. “Sorry I’m late, bro.”

While the rest of the gang wants to continue their debate over who is the real Superman, Bieber’s “too nice” character simply tries to see if anyone would be interested in hitting the ice for a game. When no one is interested, he shows just how polite he is before heading out.

And Bieber wasn’t the video’s only dose of star power: “Heroes” hitmaker Alesso appears as “Swedish Superman,” who is more concerned with deejaying than joining the group’s argument.

The “Sorry” singer has taken a step back from music after canceling the remainder of his Purpose World Tour last July.

Multiple sources told PEOPLE at the time that the star was “exhausted” and needed a break. Indeed, Bieber has stepped away from the spotlight since and focused on his spirituality and emotional health.

“Having the last year off has been life-changing for Justin. People made fun of him when he canceled his tour, but he really was overwhelmed and exhausted at that point,” a source close to Bieber told PEOPLE last month.

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Though he “loves performing and genuinely enjoys interacting with his fans,” constantly being followed around and working nonstop took its toll.

“He can’t handle being pulled at or having phones and cameras in his face all the time,” says the source. “That drives him crazy. Emotionally, he’s now in a much better place.”

Getting to a positive mindset has been a journey, and Bieber has been receiving guidance from Hillsong Church as well as his pastor, Carl Lentz.

“He’s spent most of his time off with his church friends and pastors to work on himself,” said the source. “It’s helped him mend relationships that have fallen apart. He was always very close with his mom growing up, but things got tough for them … now she’s really proud of how far he’s come.”