Taught to Justin Bieber by his health coach Dr. Buzz Mingin, Havening is a technique that aims to help him when he is feeling overwhelmed with stress

Justin Bieber is taking steps to be the best he can be with his wife Hailey Baldwin standing by his side.

The pop crooner opened up on the upcoming Wednesday episode of his YouTube docuseries, Justin Bieber: Seasons, about how he manages his stress with a unique technique called Havening.

Taught to Bieber, 25, by his health coach Dr. Buzz Mingin, Havening is a technique that aims to help him when he is feeling overwhelmed with stress.

“Havening is a psychosensory technique that actually raises the feel-good chemicals in your brain on demand,” Mingin stated about the routine, which in Bieber’s case finds him rubbing his head and face continuously while hunched over.

This, Mingin says, allows Bieber, “to know what it is he should be doing in the moment he’s feeling stressed, and then he has a coordinated signal back to me that lets me know what’s wrong, how he feels, and what he needs.”

Baldwin, 23, appears in the ninth episode of the 10-part series and discusses the self-help technique as well.

“It’s basically like a self-soothing thing,” she says. “Everybody kind of has their own version of Havening without knowing it. It’s like when you’re a little kid and you suck your thumb to soothe yourself. When you’re starting to feel really stressed out or just to keep yourself calm — it’s almost like when you’re a kid and your mom is rubbing your back to sleep and it’s the best feeling in the world? It’s kind of like that, except you’re doing it for yourself.”

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber
Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin
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In episode nine, fans got to see Bieber practice Havening while feeling overwhelmed on the set the music video for his single, “Yummy.”

“It was just a lot, a lot of people, a lot of dynamic, a lot of stuff,” Bieber recalled of the music video shoot. “I was in my head a lot and it’s hard for me to really enjoy it like that, but I know that some days are just gonna be like that. In any work space, there’s gonna be those off days where you just kind of feel like, ‘I got a good crew, I should be good but today, I just feel off.’ I think that day I was just a little off.”

Back in March 2019, Bieber revealed in a candid Instagram post that he had been “struggling a lot” and was “feeling super disconnected and weird” but would “bounce back.”

Mingin states in the YouTube video that the key to Bieber’s mental health now is “to create a structured, organized, predictable environment around him” so that he doesn’t have those off days.

“The changes that I’ve seen with Justin are monumental,” Mingin said. “He’s matured tremendously. He’s not living in survival mode anymore.”