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November 02, 2016 05:59 PM

It seems as though Justin Bieber may have put his wild ways behind him.

While the “Boyfriend” singer has had multiple on-stage tantrums during the UK leg of his Purpose world tour — recently throwing down his mic and storming off mid-show in Manchester, England, on Sunday Oct. 23  — sources tell PEOPLE that the 22 year-old Canadian couldn’t be more different offstage.

“Justin was giving out flowers to all the girls in the line,” says a source at Tape nightclub in London. “He was with a pack of mates and saw a flower seller and bought a massive big bunch of roses and started handing them out to all the girls that were waiting outside. It was really nice. He was quite chilled — really polite and relaxed.”

The source continued: “He just saw an opportunity to make some people happy and went for it.”

A source at Tiger Tiger in Manchester, echoed the sentiment. “He asked us if we were all OK when he got out the car and if we had a good night. Then he just had a good night like everyone else. He was surrounded by a lot of people on the stage and was swaying around to the music, but he didn’t seem to be drinking heavily or anything like that. He just had a chilled time with his friends.”

Bieber’s changed behavior can partly be explained by the presence of some close friends and family during the Purpose tour — something that was distinctly lacking during his previous, photographer-bashing world tours.

During the Scottish leg of the tour, this included sharing a home with maternal grandmother, Diane Dale, at Kinross House in Perthshire, where Dale was seen touring the grounds of the palatial 17th-century estate in a distinctive leopard print coat with leather sleeves.

For more about Justin Bieber’s life on the road, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

Jim Wright
Jim Wright

“He came in about 11:30 on Saturday night,” says Jamie Alexander, co-manager of Glasgow’s Blue Dog cocktail bar, where Bieber wound down after his show on Oct. 30. “He was just walking around, quite chilled-out.

“We have a magician every Saturday night called Terry and he was showing him some tricks for about ten minutes. Justin was loving it. He just kept asking him to show him more. While he was sitting down at the table he was saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and all that, so he was just a really nice, polite kind of guy. He was pretty laid back.”

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