The Empire actor released his new music video for "F.U.W."

By Brianne Tracy
March 17, 2017 07:55 PM

Jussie Smollett is the latest musician to make a political statement against President Donald Trump in a provocative music video.

Days after Snoop Dogg released his “Lavender” video featuring a clown lookalike of the commander-in-chief, the Empire actor released his own video for his record “F.U.W. (F—ed Up World).”

The black and white project, that he also directed, references a number of prominent controversial issues during the president’s administration that sparked protests nationwide, including the travel ban, construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the fight for transgender bathroom rights.

“This is not a single. It’s not a song to promote the series. It’s an artistic expression,” Smollett said in a press release. “My view of this sick cycle, an era in which we must fight our way out of before it’s too late.”

He added: “This view of unity is something they may never understand. That is why it is up to us. Train your daughters and sons to be soldiers of love.”

Credit: Jussie Smollett/Youtube

In an appearance on The View Friday, Smollett called the video his “opportunity and responsibility to represent everybody.”

“This is not so much a hate letter to our current administration, but more so a love letter and a call to action to us that actually believe… that we can easily be turned into a fascist dictatorship with the way that we’re going,” he said. “This is for the oppressed—this isn’t for [Trump].”

Smollett also explained the connection of the scene featuring a man in a wheelchair running over and shattering a Trump mask to Trump’s imitation of a disabled New York Times reporter while on the campaign trail in 2015.

“The mask represents a false sense of patriotism and the idea of white male privilege,” he told PEOPLE in a statement. “We, as a world, have to take off the masks and shatter them. So that’s what I did. Any other reading into this is inaccurate.”