Julia Michaels and Lauv Split as She Shares New Year's Resolution: 'No More Dating Narcissists'

The couple fueled romance rumors in October and started dating after working on their duet, "There's No Way"

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Julia Michaels and Lauv have split, multiple sources confirm to PEOPLE.

On Wednesday, the “Issues” singer wrote on her Instagram Story that her New Year’s resolution is “No more dating narcissists” and included a screenshot of an article explaining narcissistic behaviors like “love bombing,” in which the narcissist is “charming and full of affection” during the beginning stages of a relationship before “losing interest” as time goes by.

Julia Michaels’ Instagram Story. Courtesy Julia Michaels

Many fans took this to be a dig at Lauv (né Ari Staprans Leff), and one asked Michaels to clarify if the things she said were directed towards him.

“We’ve both been getting attacked for things nobody knows about or understands. I love that man more than words and I wish him nothing but happiness and light,” Michaels wrote in response.

Replying to a fan on Twitter who told Michaels to “not let the haters” get to her, Michaels said, “Assumptions are assumptions and they’re only heightened when everyone can pin it to something due to a current situation. I could be talking about a pencil! Lol. I have dated LOTS OF DUDES and girls. Let me tell you. Ima be celibate for real lol.”

Recently, Michaels shared on Twitter on Dec. 28 that she “can’t wait to be in love with someone that loves me right back.”

The next day, the “I Like Me Better” singer wrote in a Tweet shared to his own account that he is “working on my happiness. I love you guys so much.”

On Dec. 26, a Twitter fan asked of Michaels’ new relationship status, “Now that @juliamichaels is single again, can she date me?”

Michaels wrote in response, “Hahaha let’s goooo. I’ve already promised a couple other gems tho.”

When another fan questioned, “You broke up with Lauv?” Michaels followed up by saying, “On the contrary actually,” suggesting that Lauv had ended things.

Earlier in December, Michaels was a bit more cryptic about her relationship status as she simply wrote on Twitter, “My heart hurts you guys.”

The two, both 24, fueled romance rumors in October when Lauv wrote on Twitter, “I have the best girlfriend in the world okay thats all I gotta say, you can get back to your night xoxo cool.”

Michaels raved about him in the comments section on Instagram, writing, “I love everything about you.” In the weeks that followed, the pair posted sweet couple’s photos.

In addition, they starred in the music video for their duet, “There’s No Way,” in which they make eyes at each other and the chemistry is palpable.

Lauv told PEOPLE in November that the music video was the start of what fueled their romance to blossom behind-the-scenes.

“Long story short, we met and we spent a day together,” Lauv said. “We were like, ‘Maybe we’ll write a song.’ But it was low pressure — it’s not fun if you don’t feel like you’re comfortable with somebody and you don’t get to know them. I loved talking to her and we just hung out for six hours and talked about life. After she left, I was like, ‘There’s something going on in my heart.’ I was trying to deny it and not be weird because I was trying to be professional. Then we hung out again with some other friends and we were just talking about that experience of meeting somebody and feeling chemistry and maybe the timing isn’t right because there’s something in the way. The song just happened in a couple of hours. It was super natural.”

“But then I was trying to be low-key and not creepy or anything, so I was like, ‘She’s really dope, maybe we can hang out,'” he continued. “Then we saw the video and I don’t want to speak for her, but that’s when it really was like, ‘Okay there’s something here that we have to explore.’”

Of what attracted him to Michaels, Lauv said, “I think it was her heart. Her lightness, her love for life, her love for people. She just has this thing. I look into her eyes and I feel this energy. Along the way, we’ve discovered we’re really similar in a lot of ways – it kind of creeps us out. I’ve never dated somebody who has been so similar to me. It’s unlike anything else.”

Julia Michaels and Lauv. Courtesy Julia Michaels

At the time, Lauv said that they planned on spending Christmas together, though it appears the split occurred just before the holidays.

“I’m the luckiest man in the world,” Lauv told Arjan Writes on his show The A-List Pop in early December. “Straight up. She’s incredible.”

Michaels will be opening for Keith Urban‘s Graffiti U tour in Australia in January. Meanwhile, Lauv recently finished touring with Ed Sheeran and Snow Patrol on Sheeran’s North American stadium tour.

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