"Broken" is the first song off of Juan Pablo Di Pace's upcoming EP of original music, due out later this year


Juan Pablo Di Pace is perhaps best known for playing the lovable and exuberant Fernando on the hit Netflix series Fuller House, but the 38-year-old Argentina-born performer is considered a “triple threat” across the pond in Europe. Over the last decade he’s showcased his singing, acting and dancing skills in the Italian version of Grease, Spanish remake of Saturday Night Fever, and the international blockbuster Mamma Mia.

Having hit the top of the charts in Spain, the multi-talented star has set his sights on the States with his new single “Broken,” and PEOPLE can premiere the song’s music video. The concept, production and art direction of the clip come courtesy of Di Pace and Adam Hagenbuch — who costars on Fuller House as Jimmy Gibbler.

The track is the first song off of Di Pace’s upcoming EP of original music, due out later this year.

Juan Pablo di Pace

Di Pace recently partnered with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Latino to fight cruelty against animals involved in circuses. As part of the campaign to “Extinguish Circus Cruelty,” he urges parents not to take their children to see shows with animal acts. “I wouldn’t want them to think it’s OK,” he says in a video in support of the organization. “Because it’s not. … You can really go to the circus watching amazing performances by clowns or acrobats or dancers. … [L]et’s stop [going to animal circuses].”

Juan Pablo di Pace
Credit: Peta

“To see what things are done to them in the circus is really upsetting,” he continues. “They sleep in tiny cages. They’re forced to do things they don’t want to do. They beat them up. What we see in the circus is just a fraction of what these poor animals have to go through.”