The 31-year-old singer is now five years into her Total World Tour and rapidly running out of countries to visit

By Phil Boucher
March 14, 2019 02:35 PM
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Yander Zamora/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock

Forget the tour rider and luxury Winnebago: for Joss Stone a global tour is about getting off the beaten path.

The British singer — best known for her 2003 album The Soul Sessions —performed a small gig in Pyongyang, North Korea on Wednesday, as part of what her Instagram bio describes as a #totalworldtour to “bring loveliness in the form of music to every single country on our planet.”

Colin Crooks, British ambassador to North Korea, caught the secretive gig and tweeted “Amazing to meet @JossStone tonight in #Pyongyang and see her perform in country no 176 (or is it 177?).”

Tour manager Simon Cockerell, who organized the whirlwind visit, added that it had been an “utterly unique gig, great show, something really special. Let’s do it again with a full band and thousands of local fans not too far in the future!!”

Stone, 31, is now five years into her Total World tour and rapidly running out of countries to visit. In the week before flying to North Korea, she chalked off Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. Before that, the soul singer risked her neck to sneak across the border into war-torn Syria, to perform in the Kurdish-controlled northeastern corner of the country.

“It was a little scary crossing the border as of course we have absolutely no idea what might transpire,” Stone wrote on Instagram shortly after arriving in the Middle East. “We just have to trust the people on the ground that are advising us and looking after us.”

Stone later posted that it was “an experience we shall never forget,” adding, “Thank you to those who fed us and gave us your time and smiles and good feeling in a place we were once afraid to go. I hope to meet again in the future. Keep smiling and loving and making music and sharing your light xxx #totalworldtour.”

Question is: where next?