Jonas Brothers Treat Their Die-Hard Fans with Memorabilia Pawn Shop: 'It Brings Back Memories in a Big Way'

"It's been really fun for us to walk down memory lane," Kevin, Joe and Nick tell PEOPLE as they celebrate the start of their Las Vegas residency with a store packed with historical Jonas artifacts

Jonas Brothers are kicking off their long-delayed Las Vegas residency with a special treat for their biggest fans: a chance to score some of the trio's most cherished memorabilia.

Kevin, 34, Joe, 32, and Nick Jonas, 29, are in Sin City for the June 3 kickoff of their five-night stay at Dolby Live at Park MGM, and jump-started the festivities with the opening of their own pawn shop.

The three-day event started Thursday at SuperPawn, where 100 fans selected via video submissions through smartphone-based subscription startup Scriber lined up in the triple-digit heat to get their hands on a selection of items belonging to the talented siblings.

"It brings back memories in a big way," Kevin tells PEOPLE shortly before attendees got their hands on the exclusive goods. "There's a lot of things I forgot we did or, 'Oh my God, why did I wear that?'"

"Some of it you go, 'Wait, why are we giving this away?'" adds Joe about the collection, which includes awards, instruments and tons of clothing used by the "Cool" hitmakers. "I feel like it would sit in a closet that we probably wouldn't open for a while and it could be with a fan whether they want to wear, play it, or just put it on their wall."

The guys think fans will "appreciate it more than we do," with Joe reflecting on the joy of owning something from one of his own idols. "If I could have Paul McCartney's jacket from when he performed at some award show, that would be so sick, so seeing their reaction outside made this all worth it."

The items, some of which date back to the band's start in the mid-2000s, have sat in storage and were selected by the brothers themselves to be sold for one dollar each at the pop-up shop. Nick got the idea after coming across boxes of stuff in his house earlier this year and realized he wanted to find a way to give these "really meaningful" items new life.

"Our fans are the most important to us," the youngest sibling explains. "It's been really fun for us to walk down memory lane, and hopefully for whoever gets this stuff, they cherish it and have fun with it."

The Jonas Brothers photos shoot by Cynthia Parkhurst
Nick and Joe Jonas. @Cynthia Parkhurst

The brothers walked the aisles of the store before letting fans inside, explaining that it's the more dated fashion choices that spark the biggest memories for them. "The clothes are kind of funny because some of these things are so absurd," Nick jokes about the ensembles on display, which include lederhosen, wetsuits and even the fencing costumes from the "Sucker" music video.

"It genuinely feels really unique and special to see all these things in the flesh," adds Joe, who took time to check the pockets of nearly every jacket hanging on the racks. "I'm still finding things on my second time here and I'm like, 'Oh, this gold jacket. I remember wearing this.' It's trippy."

Nick's only concern: "I just hope they're washed," with Kevin adding, "We're not too sure." Joe reassures his brothers, noting that he uncovered dry cleaning stickers on most of the items. "I think we're safe."

Fans could be seen crying and struggling to catch their breath after nabbing their selections, which also include framed platinum records and various mustaches and accessories worn by the guys throughout their nearly two-decade careers. They were allotted one item per person and were treated to find that the price tag had also been waived, being told to give it to charity or pay it forward instead.

"You see some of the comments and a lot of familiar faces out there, longtime fans who resonate with the idea that this is a journey we've all gone on together," Nick says about the overjoyed guests. "We include ourselves in their journey, and then them in ours, so to actually be able to say, 'Thank you and here you go, thanks for making this possible,' I think it's really meaningful for us."

Many of the fans traveled in for the event, arriving directly from the airport, luggage in tow. They also all seemed to be ticket holders for the Vegas shows, which the brothers couldn't be more "eager" to launch. Nick reveals they dug into their back catalog to "pull out some obscure B-sides" and unexpected surprises "that we don't get to play very often" for the shows.

The guys are also "excited" to have this time to spend as a family, especially as their respective lives as dads have kept them busy, calling it "necessary."

It may surprise some that they are parting with so much memorabilia when they each have children to pass things onto, but the guys promise their archives aren't entirely cleared out. "There are certainly a lot of things that we haven't put out on these shelves," Nick admits, with Joe adding, "There's some things like awards, photos, and cool things that we haven't shared publicly that we have."

The Jonas Brothers photos shoot by Cynthia Parkhurst
Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas. @Cynthia Parkhurst

And while Kevin admits they have even had second thoughts about a few selections, taking some that are "way too personal or just mean a lot" off the floor to return home. But when it comes down to it, they're happy to share these pieces with the people who have remained along for the ride up to this point.

"For the most part, these are all unique memories that we just want to give to people that I think would really care for them," says Joe.

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