The Jonas Brothers 'Wouldn't Want to Be in a Fistfight' with the Hemsworths, But Why Not a Roast Battle?

Are they ready for the Family Roastin'? Joe tells PEOPLE he's used to jokes from wife Sophie. Kevin says he's "traditionally" the butt of the joke. And Nick says The Voice might have prepped him!

The Jonas Brothers get absolutely roasted by their wives and several comedians and musical friends during their new Netflix special Jonas Family Roast — but if they could face off against another group of bros? Why not the Hemsworths?

"We think the Hemsworths or the Kardashians doing this as a family roast would be spectacular," Kevin tells PEOPLE.

"But I wouldn't want to be in a fistfight with the Hemsworth bros!" jokes Joe, 32, about Chris, Liam and Luke.

"No, we would lose!" confirms Kevin, 34.

Ahead of Thanksgiving, the group sits down with PEOPLE to talk about their new special — which features some iconic guests, including their wives Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas. The roast, Nick says, is somewhat of a "bird's eye view" of what life is like for the brothers on the road and at the Thanksgiving table.

"It's a dream come true to be able to be roasted after two and a half months on tour, when we're physically and emotionally exhausted," jokes Nick, 29, before adding. "You know, I think to roast somebody, you have to love them. I would hope that's true because some of them are our better halves."

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"We're quick to make jokes and play with each other and have fun. I feel like this is something that we would do every year anyway," Nick adds. "And now we get to do it on a big stage with a bunch of comedians."

But the guys are definitely not prepared for the roasts to come from their spouses.

"My wife, she's not gonna hold back," Joe says. "I keep meeting people along the way that are just warning me. They're like, 'Oh, man. Good luck, brother.' That's not what we want to hear!"

"You have to go home with the person after this. Right?" adds Kevin. "Here's the thing: this is not a mean roast. This is going to be a loving roast. Roast in peace!"

So Kevin, Nick and Joe are there... But where's Frankie?

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"Franklin is traveling the world right now but something tells me he'll pop up somehow," says Joe.

"I think he may have sent some insight to some of the writers and some of the joketellers in the room as well," adds Kevin. "He's got he's got plenty of material," chimes in Nick.

Frankie has been known for being hilarious on TikTok and poking fun at himself (and his famous bros from time to time.) What would he roast his brothers for? "I mean, everything," says Nick. "He's the coolest brother."

"He's the coolest and the smartest brother," adds Kevin. "By far."

Nick admits he might have an advantage over his brothers in taking in the roasts, thanks to his past on The Voice as a coach.

"Working on The Voice too with those folks is always a bit of a roast as well," says Nick. "It's not meant to be but it turns into that. I'm kind of used to it and I say that now and you'll see me crying in four and a half hours!"

Jonas Brothers Family Roast

Or maybe Kevin, since he thinks he's the one getting roasted by his brothers the most.

"Well, traditionally [the jokes are] meant towards me but I but that's why I think that today's gonna be even more fun," he says. "I'm just preparing my mind, my body, my soul to you know, slide out of here afterward."

Adds Joe, "If this turns into something like Fear Factor and there's spiders around, that'd be my only real fear. I know it's more of an emotional punching bag situation today. We know what we signed up for and that's part of the fun. I think this is something that could be really exciting for a lot of families to do."

The special, which is produced by the singers and Fulwell 73, is hosted by Kenan Thompson and feature guest appearances from Pete Davidson, Niall Horan, Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias, John Legend, Lilly Singh, Jack Whitehall and more.

Jonas Brothers Family Roast is available on Netflix now.

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