The Jonas Brothers announced their reunion earlier this year, and will release their fifth album Happiness Begins in June

By Rachel DeSantis
May 15, 2019 04:25 PM

The Jonas Brothers are back — and this time, they have something to say.

The trio, made up of brothers Nick, Joe and Kevin, famously parted ways in 2013, only to make a surprising (and welcome!) comeback earlier this year with the announcement of their fifth album Happiness Begins.

As Nick, 26, explains in the band’s new (hilariously vintage) PAPER magazine cover, calling it quits was the best thing the Jonas Brothers could have done for their careers, as it allowed them to take a much-needed breather.

The Jonas Brothers cover PAPER

“We lost touch with what we wanted to say, because we were trying so hard to say something different from what we said in the past, musically and creatively,” he said. “We understood that our level of success and fame had reached a point, where our musicianship and writing and performing abilities needed time to grow and catch up to it.”

He added, “It really took the last six, seven years to figure out who we were as people and what kind of music we wanted to make.”

Nick Jonas
Kevin Jonas
Joe Jonas

The brothers’ decision to reunite as the Jonas Brothers once more came only after an “intervention” in Australia, which allowed them to dive into deep-seated issues that stemmed from, and caused, their breakup.

With the band back together, the brothers agreed that this time around, they’d keep it light.

“The choice to do this wasn’t out of need, it was more, ‘This is something we really want to do together,’” Kevin, 31, told PAPER, with Nick adding that the revamped JoBros are “all about having fun.”

Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas

Fans will get to see those formative conversations between the brothers in the upcoming documentary Chasing Happiness, which will debut on Amazon Prime on June 4.

As for what’s next, Nick promised that Happiness Begins’ sound will “stay authentic” to who the Jonas Brothers are, while still incorporating trends like trap beats and “one yeehaw moment.”

Nick Jonas

The album’s lead single, “Sucker,” topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts upon its release in March, marking the band’s first No. 1 hit.

They’ve since sung the song everywhere from Saturday Night Live to the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.

The brothers will also perform on the premiere episode of the rebooted tween sketch comedy series All That, which debuts on Nickelodeon June 15.