Jonas Brothers Get 'Open and Honest' in Behind-the-Scenes Docuseries Chronicling Remember This Tour

Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas tell PEOPLE that Moments Between the Moments will allow fans to see them in a new light

The Jonas Brothers are offering fans a glimpse into their private world thanks to a new docuseries that they're hoping will show the world a new side of them.

Moments Between the Moments debuted Tuesday on Watch Together via Messenger, Instagram and Facebook Watch, and was the first of five episodes, along with a concert special that will chronicle behind-the-scenes moments on the group's Remember This tour.

"It's a fun way for us to show our fans who we are more as people every single day as we're growing, as we're changing, as we're learning who we are and figuring out ourselves as we continue to grow," Kevin Jonas, 34, tells PEOPLE.

Though Kevin and his brothers Joe Jonas, 32, and Nick Jonas, 29, have been in the public eye since they were young, the trio has grown from teenage heartthrobs into family men — something that certainly changes the dynamic of life on the road.

"We realize how lucky we are to be 16, 17 years into this at this point, and to still have people supporting us the way they do," says Kevin. "The differences are that we all have families now, and I think it just enriches every experience that we have, getting to not only share that with each other as brothers, but also now with our own families, and seeing their enthusiasm, too, about experiencing some of this with us for the first time just means the world."

Jonas Brothers - Moments Between the Moments
Jonas Brothers. Messenger

Kevin married wife Danielle, 35, in 2009, and they share daughters Alena Rose, 7, and Valentina Angelina, 5. Joe is dad to 16-month-old daughter Willa with wife Sophie Turner, 25, while Nick married Priyanka Chopra Jonas, 39, in 2018.

For Joe, the chance to relive some of the tour's most special memories via the small screen is something he's looking forward to, including the Jonas Brothers' shows at Fenway Park in Boston in October, which he calls a bucket list item, and the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, where they played in September.

And while there's plenty of adventure, there's also some hilarious misadventure, he teases.

"I'd have to say my favorite part of the show, that I've seen so far, is watching Kevin and Nick speak about how golf is so relaxing for them, and it's just a montage of missing the ball," Joe says. "And Kevin's daughters are calling him out, which is really funny."

Jokes Kevin: "It's humbling."

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Fans can also tune in to watch various other unexpected moments, such as the time the brothers nearly missed their opening cue on stage due to traffic.

For the brothers, the decision to let the cameras follow their every move is one they hope will allow them to, in a way, reintroduce themselves to fans as the men they have become.

"It's more about our interests and getting to know us more on a personal level, and what we're really connected to," says Kevin. "Whether that's family, whether that's meditation, whether it's working out, or like Joe said, golf. It's all about things that we wanted to share with our audience that we're passionate about."

Fans can watch the series on Messenger, Instagram or Portal by starting a video call, tapping the media button on the bottom right on Instagram or swiping up to access the menu on Messenger. They can also select Watch Together during a Portal call, and search for Moments Between the Moments. Episode 2 will air Dec. 9, Episode 3 on Dec. 16, Episode 4 on Dec. 23, Episode 5 on Dec. 28 and a concert special on Dec. 30.

"It's always a bit strange when you are as open and honest as we tried to be for this series," Nick says. "I think it's just about knowing that letting people into our world and giving them a closer look at who we are as people just connects us all, especially after almost two years of all of us kind of living very separate lives. So to be able to see that unfold in this way was really special for all of us."

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