The Jonas Brothers 'Take a Trip to the Year 3000' with Aging FaceApp

"When you take a trip to the Year 3000," reads the caption on the photo, a nod to the Jonas Brothers' breakout 2006 hit

Happiness Begins….at 80?

The Jonas Brothers have had a busy year, what with reforming the band, dropping a new album, and throwing a pair of weddings for Joe and Nick. It’s enough to exhaust anyone, but a pic shared to the JoBro’s official Instagram shows the trio looking a little worn out — to say the least. Has the strain proved too much?

It would appear that the gang are the latest celebs to fool around with the aging filter on FaceApp. Clad in pastel sweaters, the brothers pose together in a sunny, picturesque setting. Thanks to the artificial aging of the app, Nick (real age: 31) and Kevin (real age: 26) rock grey hair, while Joe (real age: 29) maintains the last remains of his youthful brunette coloring.

“When you take a trip to the Year 3000,” reads the caption on the photo, a nod to the group’s breakout 2006 hit.

The Jonas Brothers are far from the first to try out the latest viral trend. On Tuesday, Drake gave fans a glimpse of what he’ll look like as an old man. The 32-year-old rapper shared the photo on Instagram which shows him sporting a grey beard, and asked fans to come up with witty captions in order to win tickets to OVO Fest 2019.

“Just hold on, I’m getting old, getting old,” Lorenzo ‘Renny’ Cromwell from MTV’s Wild ‘N Out commented in reference to Drake’s hit “Hold On We’re Going Home” from his 2013 album Nothing Was the Same.

“Less Life,” YouTuber Rahmel Dockery wrote, poking fun at Drake’s playlist More Life.

“October’s Very Old,” another user joked in reference to Drake’s music label October’s Very Own (OVO).

Kevin Hart also shared a photo using the app writing, “Strong ass old man face and upper body 😂😂😂😂.”

Dwyane Wade went as far as posting a side by side photo of himself before and after using the app, so fans could really see the difference.

“Grandpa Wade huh,” Wade, 37, captioned the shot, which shows him posing with his hands crossed, wearing a white blazer on the Amalfi Coast.

Sam Smith was unrecognizable in his selfie using the aging filter.

“Grandpa or Grandma? 💅🏼 I’ll take both #batch,” Smith, 27, captioned the shot, which shows him with a full grey beard and grey hair on his head. The singer also rocked heart-shaped rhinestone earrings.

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