The J Team will be available to stream exclusively on Paramount+ Sept. 3


JoJo Siwa is returning to the small screen in an all-new Nickelodeon movie, streaming this September on Paramout+.

Starring and executive produced by the 18-year-old pop star, The J Team follows a young girl named JoJo (Siwa) who refuses to let her sparkle be dimmed after her beloved dance instructor is replaced by a much harsher coach. 

In the new trailer, released Tuesday, the protagonist is forced to strip herself of her iconic bow and high tops in order to stay on the team she loves. But after she is kicked out off of The A Team, she is forced to rethink the meaning of dance in her life. 

"We've all been told we don't fit in before. What if we celebrated everyone being unique?" Siwa asks in the trailer.

The live-action musical also stars Kerrynton Jones and Kiara T. Romero as Siwa's best friends "The Rubies," Laura Soltis as favorite teacher Val and Tisha Campbell-Martin as Poppy, the tough new instructor.

Credit: Paramount+

In the movie, JoJo is faced with a difficult decision: conform to the new rigid expectations of her coach (Campbell-Martin) or stay true to herself. The choice is made even more difficult with a major dance competition on the horizon, leading JoJo to join a new dance troupe in hopes of not just competing, but winning it all.

"Are you sad you're not on The A Team anymore?" Poppy asks JoJo in the trailer ahead of the big competition.

A member of Siwa's new team steps forward and pushes back: "No, 'cause now she's on The J Team."

JoJo Siwa
Credit: Eric McCandless via Getty Images

The film, directed by Emmy winner Michael Lembeck ("The Santa Clause 2") and written by Eydie Faye ("Fuller House"), is the first production since Syrinthia Studer took over as head of Awesomeness and Nickelodeon Live-Action Film Studio. 

Don Dunn ("To All The Boys I've Loved Before") served alongside Siwa as an executive producer.

The J Team will be available to stream exclusively on Paramount+ Sept. 3.