Watch JoJo Siwa Answer Kids' Questions: From What Makes Her Happiest to How She Chooses Her Outfits

"I love being famous, it's the coolest thing ever," the teen superstar says as she answers questions from some of her smallest fans

JoJo Siwa + questions from kids just makes sense!

Following her cover story interview with PEOPLE, the 17-year-old superstar answered questions from several of her biggest (or should we say smallest?) fans!

Riley, 5½, asked Siwa if she liked being famous and what it was like to get on stage for the first time. "I love little kids so much. I love being famous, it's the coolest thing ever," she responds. "I did not get nervous the first time I went on stage because I felt like I was right where I was supposed to be."

"I actually don't get nervous," she tells Flynn, 7, about getting on stage in front of thousands of people. "I don't know why. I sometimes feel like I should be nervous, but I don't! I'm at home and it's my happy place."

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Then, 6-year-old Amelia — who's a rising YouTuber herself — asks for advice on how to gain more subscribers on her platform.

"She's so cute! The best advice I could give you is to just be having fun," Siwa says. "The people who you want to subscribe you are going to see that you are loving what you're doing so as long as you love it, they're going to love it as well."

Then, 4-year-old Madison asked how she decides what bow to wear each day.

"My oh my, you are adorable! I actually tend to match my bows to my shoes. No matter what bow I'm wearing, I try to coordinate it with my shoes," Siwa responds. "And no matter what shoes I'm wearing, I try to coordinate it with my bow. My pants do their own thing, it doesn't really matter what pants I wear. I pick out a cool hoodie or jacket, and then my bow comes last."

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The singer and dancer also named Freddie Mercury, Lady Gaga and Elton John as inspirations.

As for what she loves to do with her family? Siwa told Declan, 8, and Goldie, 6, that her favorite activity to do with her family is movie nights and indoor skydiving with her brother.

And her favorite stuffed animal? "I do have a favorite stuffed animal," she tells 5-year-old Liv. "It's probably my little Chip and Dale stuffed animals with my girlfriend [Kylie]. I have Dale and she has Chip so Dale has to be my favorite."

And lastly, for what makes Siwa the happiest, her answer is simple."Love and performing are what make me the happiest," she says.

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