"bestie this is not a safe space for you," commented one user
John mayer
Credit: John mayer/ tik tok

It all started with a dad joke...

On Monday, John Mayer joined TikTok, posting a video of himself seemingly struggling to flip his camera and accidentally using the app's 15-second function. What came after was a mob of Taylor Swift stans roasting the 43-year-old singer in the comments.

"you're not safe here john," commented one user on the short video.

"bestie this is not a safe space for you," added another.

John mayer
Credit: John mayer/ tik tok

"Tiktok knew what they were doing by putting this on every Taylor Swift stans FYP," wrote a third, referring to the app's "for you page."

Mayer and Swift were rumored to have dated in 2009 and some fans even referred to her song "Dear John" — seemingly about Mayer — in his TikTok's comments.

Just three hours later, Mayer came back and shared a video of himself nodding and giving affirmative "mhms" alongside the caption, "POV: You're berating me and I'm hearing you out." This video format is typically used by users on the app to encourage them to duet the video. (Several users did exactly that and played "Dear John.")

The singer then ended his night by playing the piano and singing, "That was a weird day. That was a real weird day," alongside the caption, "Goodnight new friends!"

The Swifties came in harsh on the singer's first TikTok, but in his last one of the day, most people had nice things to say.

"Let's just focus on how John Mayer is a creative visionary, comedian and phenomenal artist," wrote one user. "Welcome to TikTok."

"Gen z pls show John Mayer some respect," wrote another. "he's a legend!!!! Signed a sane swiftie."