October 26, 2018 03:00 PM

John Mayer‘s accidental Taylor Swift-related slip of the tongue drew big laughs earlier this week.

Alluding to the origins of his hit “New Light,” Mayer, 41, inadvertently referenced the title of his rumored ex’s latest album during a Q&A session at his iHeartRadio LIVE show in Burbank, California, on Wednesday.

After coming up with a “style of sound” for the track, Mayer told the crowd that he “started thinking about reputation,” which led a fan in the audience to let out an appreciative cheer.

Understanding the fan likely thought he was referencing Swift’s album of the same name, Mayer remarked with a laugh, “not the album, but that’s still fine.”

“That’s a fine piece of work,” he added, before going on to explain how his meditations on the way people see him inspired the song.

“I started thinking to myself, ‘There’s probably a lot of people who would be like, ‘I want nothing to do with that guy.’ But if we could only get stuck in an elevator, that 30 minutes later when the fire department came and opened the door I’d be like, ‘Well, see you,’ and they’d be like, ‘Yeah, uh, see you around, I guess’ and she would have been walking away going, ‘That was nothing like I thought it’d be,’ ” he explained.

John Mayer and radio host Valentine
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During the event, Mayer also debuted a new song, “I Guess I Just Feel Like.”

The acoustic ballad finds the musician reflecting on how these days it seems like “everyone’s lying to make it on through,” including himself.

“I guess I just feel like good things are gone,” he continues in the song, adding that “The future is fading and the past is on hold.”

However, by the end of the song, the singer admits that while “I guess I just felt like giving up today,” he still has hope.

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John Mayer
Wes and Alex

Days earlier, during the Grammy winner’s Instagram Live show, Current Mood, the guitarist admitted that these days, a lot of women aren’t interested in going out with him.

“I get rejected a lot since I became PR poison for people,” Mayer said. “I really have to make a direct connection with somebody … I don’t think that people are into the idea of, ‘Hey, I snagged Mayer.’ “

Though his experience is different now, the singer has embraced the change. “I actually find that people not being into me brings a real level of reality into my life,” he said. “Whereas when I was in my early 20s, where I couldn’t really miss, I really kind of abused that. That’s now out of the question.”

John Mayer and fans
Wes and Alex

At a second intimate set Thursday in Los Angeles, he expanded on his confession that times have changed.

“Sometimes I feel like people need to update their internal Wikipedia on me … Come to 2018, where my No. 1 girl is my therapist,” he joked.

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