The John Mayer Trio's Steve Jordan reveals Mayer's new solo album will be called The Search for Everything

By Nicole Sands
Updated October 28, 2016 08:20 PM

It’s been three (very long) years since John Mayer last serenaded us with some new tunes, and, luckily, that’s about to change!

The John Mayer Trio performed at the 15th Annual Jazz Foundation of America Gala on Thursday to honor elder jazz and blues musicians in their field when the drummer, Steve Jordan, accidentally spilled the beans about the title of Mayer’s upcoming album on the red carpet.

“The last time when we came together, for tsunami relief, we were starting the Continuum album and now we’re doing this relief and it’s in the middle of finishing John’s newest album, The Search for Everything,” Jordan told Entertainment Tonight.

Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

Unfortunately, Mayer wasn’t searching for anything to be revealed that night.

“Actually, Steve has announced the name of the record twice now, and I have not told anybody,” Mayer, 39, joked. “He just told everybody!”

And the brakes were pumped right there. “Oh! Oops,” Jordan replied, laughing.

When Mayer was asked when the first single may drop, he replied, “not yet,” but added that fans will but hearing it “very, very soon.” It will be released “within days or within weeks. A very scant number of weeks!”