The singer surprised a lucky fan with two tickets to the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour after she successfully passed the friendship test


Sneaky, sneaky, John Mayer!

The musician recently put one lucky fan through the ultimate friendship test — a.k.a the stickiest situation there ever was — for a chance to win two tickets to Wednesday’s Dive Bar Tour show in Los Angeles.

Two women walk into a bar (insert overplayed joke here) and have no idea what they’re about to get into.

As one friend excuses herself from the bar, the other friend is obligated to save her seat — no matter what.

Enter John Mayer.


“Is this seat taken?” Mayer asks the visibly shocked woman. (“No, take a seat,” is what we’re all thinking.) “It’s taken,” the woman hesitantly says. “It’s okay it’s taken, but we can pull up another.”

Credit: Bud Light/Youtube

Before completely denying Mayer, the woman quickly redeems herself and swoops in with a smooth introduction. Well played!

“I wish my friend was here,” she says, still completely blown away that Mr. “Your Body Is a Wonderland” himself is standing beside her.


“It’s funny you say friend because I’m actually doing a friend test right now to see if you would hold a seat for your friend which you’re doing so well,” says Mayer, who’s in the midst of touring and promoting his latest solo album The Search for Everything. “You’re not letting me sit. I’m going to give you two passes to the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour that I’m going to be playing in Los Angeles. You are a friend that you can count on!”

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There’s nothing like sealing a ticket-giveaway with a hug — which they did. And now we’re officially jealous.

Mayer will be kicking off the Dive Bar Tour Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on Facebook Live.