John Legend Makes His Pick for Next Sexiest Man Alive: 'I'm So Ready to Relinquish This Title'

PEOPLE's reigning title holder reveals who he thinks should take the crown during a conversation with Meredith's :BLACKPRINT, and opens up about the "fun" year he's had with the superlative: "I've truly enjoyed just making fun of myself throughout it"

John Legend is ready to pass on his Sexiest Man Alive title.

While talking to PEOPLE senior editor Janine Rubenstein during the latest conversation in Meredith's :BLACKPRINT series, the reigning titleholder explains what a "fun" year it's been.

"It's been funny, it's been humbling, it's been all those things," Legend says with a laugh. "I've truly enjoyed just making fun of myself throughout it because you can't take yourself too seriously when someone calls you the Sexiest Man Alive. It's not a literal thing, and it's not to be taken too seriously."

John legend in a tan sweater
John Legend. Doug Inglish

As for who should take his spot? "I don't know, I do not know," the musician admits. "Going by my Twitter mentions when I was named of who people said should have been picked over me, I got a lot of Jason Momoa. That's the one person that stood out in the Twitter feedback."

"I've appreciated the whole experience and I've been trying to have a lot of fun with it, but I'm so ready to relinquish this title," he jokes.

In the meantime, Legend is celebrating the release of his seventh album, Bigger Love, which was released in June.

"I'm so proud of it, truly. I feel like it's my best work," he confesses. "When I think about all of my influences, and all the things that have made me the musician that I am, I feel like this album feels like a really good encapsulation of all those influences and the things that make me love music so much."

The collection features collaborations with Raphael Saadiq, Gary Clark, Jr., Jhené Aiko, Rhapsody and Koffee, and Legend wants nothing more than to take these new songs out on the road — when it's safe.

"It's crazy. I wish I was on tour right now. I love being home with my family, but I wish I was out performing these songs for people," he says. "I had so much fun making the album, which made me so excited to take this album on the road, and then here we are, not able to go on the road."

Although John has enjoyed being able to avoid his usual hectic travel schedule with taped and livestream performances from home, there's nothing he misses more than touring.

"I most certainly look forward to being able to go out there and perform these songs in concert, in front of our audiences. Hopefully, we can do it next year," he adds with a glimmer of optimism. "We need a vaccine and we need to suppress this virus, and we've got to do all the things that we need to do in the meantime. But hopefully, a year from now, I'll be on tour — with a new little one."

That's right! Legend, 41, and wife Chrissy Teigen, 34, are expecting their third child. The couple revealed the surprising news last month.

"We're very excited, and we're grateful for all the well-wishes we've gotten from people all around the world," Legend told the Today show. "Thank you so much."

The EGOT recipient stands by the fact that his family are his toughest critics, and children Miles Theodore, 2, and Luna Simone, 4, aren't shy about making their favorite songs known.

"The kids' favorite song is, "I Do." They love dancing to that one," he reveals. "We have little family dance parties at the house and they're usually in charge of what the music's going to be. When I started playing them songs from the new album, "I Do" was the one they loved dancing to."

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And it wouldn't be a John Legend album without a song to plan your wedding around. Says Legend, "I always come through with a wedding ballad, and I feel like I have two or three, on this album."

"I think U Move, I Move" is definitely one, "Conversations in the Dark" is one people have already used at weddings, and I've gotten people telling me that they're using "Never Break" at their weddings as well," he adds.

Even though he just put a record out, the acclaimed singer is already "back in the studio, in the past couple of weeks, and we've written a couple of songs and recorded a couple."

"I have no idea how I'm going to use them, but I just write. I love to write, and when I make an album, I usually have way more songs than I can use, because I just want to pick the best of whatever I've written over the last few years," Legend admits. "We'll see when it's time to put something else out again, but I'm going to be writing, and just inspired by life and what's going on around me. Inspired by what I'm seeing in the country and just letting my inspiration come to me."

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