John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are in on the joke, sharing a funny video featuring the musician looking just like the beloved children's book and television character

By Nick Maslow
April 26, 2018 09:45 AM

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are in on the joke.

Over a year after a tweet comparing the singer to beloved children’s TV character Arthur first went viral, the 39-year-old hitmaker poked fun at how much he looks like the 8-year-old animated aardvark in a new advertisement for Google Duo. The service, dubbed the “simple video calling app,” made it possible for Legend to try on various outfits in his closet and get feedback from pregnant wife, who is pictured lounging comfortably in bed.

“I need some help — I’m trying to pick out an outfit,” says Legend, who is wearing a fall-perfect ensemble.

“It’s 90 degrees out — why are you wearing a turtleneck?” responds Teigen, 32.

The funny criticism continues as Legend tries on other looks — “Come back with something strong, please,” the supermodel tells him — until he wears an outfit straight out of Arthur’s schoolboy wardrobe.

“Arthur!” Teigen yells in between giggles about her husband’s yellow sweater, white button-down shirt and blue pants.

“Who’s Arthur?” says Legend, seemingly clueless that he’s stealing the animated character’s look.

As Teigen laughs, Legend processes his anger over the reaction, clenching his fist — a signature Arthur move that the model referred to in her response to the comparison in February 2017.

“John when you tell him he looks like Arthur,” tweeted Teigen at the time, including the popular meme of Arthur’s clenched fist.

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The cute couple moment comes amid Teigen’s pregnancy with the stars’ second child, a baby boy due in June. This time around, the parents are recycling items they got for 2-year-old daughter Luna Simone.

“We’re kind of just using Luna’s old things,” the mom-to-be told Entertainment Tonight, Tuesday, at City Harvest’s 35th Anniversary Gala in N.Y.C. “It’ll be fine.”

“Hand-me-downs,” Legend added.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty

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Meanwhile, Luna also isn’t fazed by the addition to their family — at least for now.

“She still has zero clue,” Teigen revealed to ET. “She knows just as much as she knew eight months ago, which is nothing.”

“She knows to call it a baby, but I don’t know if she’s clarified what that really means to her,” shared Legend to the outlet.