The boy band member said that the group's mini-reunion at Ariana Grande's Coachella performance this year had them "possibly toying with the idea" of getting back together again

Could *NSYNC get back together one day? Don’t say bye, bye, bye just yet.

Former boy band member Joey Fatone said that after the group performed with Ariana Grande at the Coachella Music Festival earlier this year, the band broached the idea of reuniting.

“I think that’s when it really was kinda a lot stronger because I was with my fellas and stuff,” Fatone told Entertainment Tonight of the April desert performance.

But Fatone pointed out that the mini-reunionJustin Timberlake didn’t join Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez and Lance Bass at that show, though he did applaud his former bandmates on Instagram — was part of Grande’s performance and didn’t signify a longer-term reunion.

“We were excited, but it was Ariana’s show,” he told the outlet. “So we were just like, ‘Hey, we’re coming in, having a great time.’ And that’s what we did. We had a blast doing it ’cause it was, like, two songs, let’s have fun, no stress on us.'”

Nonetheless, the Coachella performance had the group in “talks about possibly toying with the idea,” Fatone added.

“So, I say never say never,” Fatone said about the possibility of the ’00s crooners getting back together someday. “But we really don’t know… I’m only one [member]. There’s others.”

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Timberlake, Fatone said, has already said he would not want to participate in a reunion — and despite fan outcry for more *NSYNC, Bass has previously made it clear that fans shouldn’t hold their breath.

“I mean, it would be lovely, but I don’t see anything happening any time soon,” Bass told PEOPLE Now in August, despite telling Variety in June that the group would “sit down during the summer together and figure it out.”

“We have not discussed it yet because we are the worst communicators in the history of Earth,” Bass said in the August interview, explaining that part of the reason for a delayed discussion is that they are all simply very busy.

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Joey Fatone
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“It’s so hard,” he said. “I mean Justin’s very busy in the studio, and Chris is just, you know, the best dad right now, so he’s never looking at his phone.”

“Joey and I are pretty good at responding, but, oh, JC is the worst, though. It’ll take him three weeks to respond to a text,” he added.

The whole band, including Timberlake, reunited at their Walk of Fame ceremony last April. Before that, the last time they all got together was for Chasez’s 40th birthday in August 2016.