It seems Jimmy Fallon may have met his match

By Alexia Fernandez
December 21, 2017 12:45 AM

It seems Jimmy Fallon may have met his match.

The comedian and host interviewed Cardi B Wednesday night and struggled to contain his laughter as he asked her about the origins of her name.

As the “Bodak Yellow” singer explained her name, Fallon tried and failed to keep a straight face as the Bronx native spoke with her trademark “zing” sounds.

“You know what, my sister name is Hennessy, so everybody used to call me Bacardi,” Cardi B explained. “Then it was my Instagram name, Bacardi, Bacardi B, but for some reason, my Instagram kept getting deleted, and you know what I think it was Bacardi [the alcohol company] that had something to do with it. So I just changed it to Cardi B.”

Fallon soldiered on with his attempts to stay stoic as he asked the singer about her holiday plans, including why she vowed in a tweet recently to not give adults Christmas gifts.

“Because you wanna know something, everybody that I know got kids and that’s just a lot of kids,” she said. “And I got God kids out of nowhere — once you start making money everybody want you to be their kids’ godmother.”

Fallon finally broke, bursting into laughter at that point, although he quickly switched gears to her $500,000 engagement ring given to her by fiancé Offset of rap trio, Migos.

“But you did get a beautiful gift. You got a wedding ring from your fiancé — Offset,” he said.

Cardi B/Instagram

“Brrrrr!!” Cardi B said as she showed off her 8-carat diamond ring.

“Brrrr is right! It looks gorgeous,” he said. “Did you have any idea he was going to do it?”

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The rapper said she did not know in advance, explaining, “He was always like, ‘I’m going to marry you, I’m going to marry you.’ I know he was going to give me a very expensive gift because he wasn’t there for my birthday, but I thought he was going to give me like a watch or something he just went out his way.”

The rappers became engaged in October as Offset got down on one knee during Power 99’s Powerhouse concert in Philadelphia.

Cardi B was ecstatic, sharing up close photos of her engagement ring on Instagram, and writing, “I just want to go to sleep and wake up and make sure this ain’t a dream.Thank you God for all these blessings. Thank you babe @offsetyrn God really sent you to me.”